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Accountants are more than keepers of financial data and preparers of financial statements. Accountants play key roles in industry, public accounting, government, education and the not-for-profit sector. Many accountants hold roles as CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, Business Valuators, Consultants, Tax Specialists and many more. Don’t confuse accounting opportunities with bookkeeping. It is so much more. This is an exciting and growing industry with a clear career path to place you in a well-paying, well respected, career.

With a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in accounting you can continue on to pursue a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation by completing all CPA entry prerequisite courses as part of your degree. CPAs are in high demand due to their extensive training and expertise that contribute to improved efficiency and growth in the businesses and organizations they serve (CPA NS).

At MSVU you have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), with a major, concentration, or minor in accounting, or you can complete a Certificate in Accounting.

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Person talking about the accounting program. Link to a YouTube video.To earn a BBA with an accounting major, you must complete a total of six full units of accounting courses in your degree program. If you plan on completing the CPA designation after graduation, you should, without question, contact an accounting faculty member to discuss what courses are necessary for entry into the CPA program.


You may choose to complete a concentration in accounting instead of a major. The accounting concentration is ideal if you have an accounting interest, but do not plan to complete an accounting designation after graduation. You can also take a double concentration, with the second in another field that interests you. For example, you could do a double concentration in accounting and marketing, management, economics, strategic human resource management or tourism and hospitality management.

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You can also earn your BBA with a minor in accounting. You can combine it with a major in marketing or management, or with a second minor or a concentration. This gives you the opportunity to become well versed with a minor in accounting practice while you focus on another business discipline. If you plan to complete the CPA designation following graduation, you should do a major rather than a concentration or minor in accounting.

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Corridor in the business and tourism department in McCain centre If you already work in the accounting field, or you have another, non-business degree, the Certificate in Accounting provides you with an excellent education and recognized credentials. To earn your Certificate in Accounting, you must complete six full units of coursework, consisting of core business and accounting courses. Normally, it takes up to three years to complete the Certificate in Accounting program.