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David Wilson lives in Halifax, NS. He is an educator and all-round know-it-all. His career choice may have been decided early on, when his grade 1 teacher kept him after class to ensure that he fully grasped the differing sounds of the words are and our. Thank you, Mrs. Brownell.  He has taught a variety of courses such as 18th-century British Fiction, 20th-Century Detective Fiction, Nature Writing, The Modern Novella, and Composition at several local universities and spoken on many topics. He also helped design the first ever teaching app at SMU in 2012—“The Twelfth Night Tester.” He enjoys every moment of teaching. He is a good swimmer, bad golfer, daredevil skier, former submariner, and fine cook.  Currently, he is learning to curl and thinking of writing three books: one, a refutation of the earnest environmental theories of biologist David Suzuki; the second, a tell-all exposé of his academic colleagues; and, the third, a detective novel called “Raised in Rockhead.” He is looking for a publisher.  If these projects don’t work out, he hopes to be lured back to the private sector by some faceless corporation where he can make lots of money and retire to a villa in the north of Spain. In the meantime, he is still washing his hands, wearing a mask, and social distancing.