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Research interests:

Eighteenth-century literature and children’s literature; the rise of literacy in the eighteenth century



Playing With Books by John Morgenstern

Selected publications and interview:

An interview with J. Morgenstern, “The Children’s Novel as a Gateway to Play,” was published in the American Journal of Play 2 (4) Spring 2010:  391-400.

Playing with Books: A Study of the Reader as Child.  McFarland, 2009.

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“The Fall into Literacy and the Rise of the Bourgeois Child.” Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 27.3 (2002): 136-45.

“The Rise of Children’s Literature Reconsidered.” Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 26:2 (2001): 64-73.

“Children and Other Talking Animals.” The Lion and the Unicorn 24.1 (January 2000): 110-127.