Established in 2013, the Black Student Support Office (BSSO), formally the Africentric Support Group (ASG), was created to foster a safe and welcoming environment for all African ancestry students at MSVU and potential students of African ancestry.

Since its beginning, we remained focused on providing opportunities to empower all students while tirelessly advocating for and supporting the Black community at MSVU. We work collaboratively with the entire MSVU community to ensure that you receive the best supports and services necessary to succeed academically.

Our commitment to seeing you succeed remains the same, even as we all go through the Covid-19 pandemic. Office hours are Mondays to Fridays, 10 am – 2 pm, online only. Please contact to book an appointment. The BSS Office also offers endless opportunities for the MSVU community to get involved in our programs and events, and we would love to partner with you.

About "The Baobab Project"

“The Baobab Project” is a new initiative by the Black Student Support Office at MSVU.

“Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it”                                                                                                                        ~ African Proverb

“The Baobab Project” is a 12 part podcast series launched by the Black Student Support Office on March 2nd. Under the Baobab Tree, we will discuss many issues affecting the Black/African descent community. We will rely on the experiences and expertise of our community to educate the wider community.

The first podcast, “Black Students experiences at the Mount,” will be aired live at 6 pm on March 26th and will be accessible through MS TEAMS.  It’ll be an excellent opportunity for Black students at MSVU to share their personal experiences at MSVU and engage in a discussion to create a more inclusive space for future Black students.


We’d love to see you under the Baobab tree. Please click here to join the episode 1 Podcast Meeting Link.

The Baobab Project - Listen to available Podcasts here

Link to episode #1 [March 2021] – Black Students experiences at MSVU.                                                                                                            Hosted by Nicholas Hickens

Link (coming soon) to episode #2 [April 2021] – “All Lives Matter”                                                                                                              Hosted by Randy Headley