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Welcome to the Black Student Support Office (BSSO)—Located in Seton 314, the BSSO provides holistic support, through the lens of Africentricity, to all Black/African descent students. With a range of new programs and initiatives happening every semester, the Black Student Support Lounge is the place to be “under the Baobab Tree” for critical discussions.

Our new logo [to the left] demonstrates our intent to provide holistic support for Black students at MSVU—which we look forward to demonstrating when you visit us in Seton 314! We also invite you to connect with us through to have your questions answered or to connect with the community at MSVU.

Do you want to host a meeting or event in the BSSO lounge? Our space is available to all members of the MSVU community—email for more details.

Support Services

We encourage all students to use the services available at MSVU. These services are part of the holistic support required for Black students to succeed academically.

Volunteer With Us

The success of the BSSO remains linked to our dedicated, passionate volunteers within the MSVU community. Come and volunteer with us!

Programs & Initiatives

As part of the “Community Matters” commitment infused in the Black Student Support Office’s logo, you are welcome to participate in various programs and initiatives that help draw attention to the Black students’ lived experiences.


The Black Student Support Office’s logo shows that everyone benefits when Black learners’ education is adequately funded. Black learners face many demands and pressures to acquire a post-secondary education. This page presents known financial opportunities for supplementary funding, such as scholarships and bursaries.