Programs & Initiatives

As part of the “Community Matters” commitment infused in the Black Student Support Office’s logo, you are welcome to participate in various programs and initiatives that help draw attention to the Black students’ lived experiences. Ongoing programs and initiatives such as…:

  •      The Elders’ Circle
  •      The Baobab Project [Podcast]
  •      The Black Students in B.Ed.. Support
  •      The Black Student in Research Support

… are viewed through an Africentric lens and receive holistic support within the BSSO.

Though these programs and initiatives aim to empower and highlight the Black students’ experience, all MSVU community members stand to benefit and are welcome to join. Through the active participation of the MSVU community, we can amplify our understanding of the Black students’ experience and our rich diversity at MSVU.

The Baobab Project

Launched in 2021, “The Baobab Project,” a research-based podcast, led us to examine the everyday experiences of Black/African descendants. Under the Baobab Tree, we discuss the many issues affecting members of our community to share with the world.

We look forward in anticipation for the next season’s recordings.

Click Here for Season 1

Season 2 coming soon!

Elders’ Circle

The Elders’ Circle project connects students with Elders from the local community and Elders with the MSVU campus. This project helps bridge the intergenerational knowledge gap within the Black community and provides an opportunity for Elders to host a discussion each month at the MSVU campus.

Please email to recommend an Elder from your community.

More information on Elders’ Circle

Black Researchers Support Group

Are you thinking about conducting research in your degree? Join the our group to learn more about the additional supports that are available to all Black students!

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Black B.Ed. Students Support Group

“To teach is to learn twice”~Joseph Joburg

Becoming a teacher? Gain support along your journey.

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