Community Code 2021-2022.docx

Our Caring Community is a modified residence life program that replaces the traditional Residence Life model at the Mount.   Caring Community is a smaller community that is located on the upper campus in Assisi Hall, The Birches and Westwood.  Each area will build a strong and engaged community led by a trained staff member (RA) and 3 Dons overseeing and supporting the RAs during our phased approach to rebuilding our critical mass on campus.

The Caring Community program includes a Residence Life model that engages students fostering an interactive and supportive network of students living on campus.  We will build this community through new and innovative ways of programming and training of our student leaders to offer virtual and in-person support to students.

We are excited to welcome students back to campus and are eager to help new students begin their journey!  We are committed to making this a memorable experience for you while maintaining a healthy and safe living environment.