Be Connected to your Education

IT&S provides equipment and user support for classrooms, meetings, and special events.

Classroom Equipment

All classrooms are equipped with a standard multimedia system. This includes:

  • LCD projector
  • Desktop computer with network/internet access
  • Sound system

Note: For technical support during class time, please call the support line at local 6601.

Reserving Multimedia Equipment for Meetings & Special Events

Students are able to sign out multimedia equipment for class related purposes with appropriate faculty approval. No equipment can be lent to a student without an authorizing faculty member. Equipment can be borrowed for 24 hour periods or over the weekend. The borrower is responsible for the safety of the equipment during the loan period and any loss or damage is the financial responsibility of the borrower or department.

Multimedia Equipment Requisition Form >>

Requisitions for multimedia equipment must be received by Multimedia Services two business days in advance. You must submit a multimedia equipment request form. No phone orders will be accepted. Priority will be given to requests pertaining to academic classroom use provided proper ordering procedures have been followed.

The Digital Media Zone

The DMZ is your place to go to get the multimedia support and resources you need to bring your course or project to the next level. Production space, editing suites, equipment loans, training and advise. Drop by and find out how the DMZ can help.

Security of Equipment

Students are responsible for the security and safe-keeping of multimedia equipment during a loan period. Please do not leave equipment unattended or unsecured in hallways or unlocked classrooms. At the end of class the doors must be closed and locked. A locked door is the best theft prevention.