Document Printing with Pcounter EveryOne Print

EveryOne Print allows you to print to many campus printers from your personal device.

EveryOne Print requires a Mount account with a cash balance on Pcounter. Add print credits online, at the at the Library Circulation Desk, or at the IT&S Help Desk.

To print using EveryOne Print:

  1. In your web browser, go to
  2. Enter your username and passwordWebPrint sign in form screenshot
  3. Click “Browse” to select your file, and select a printer. Ensure you are printing to the right location. WebPrint document and printer selection screenshot
  4. Click “Set Options” to configure your print job, and then click “Preview” to check the layout.WebPrint options screenshot
  5. If the preview looks okay, click “Print”, or click “Cancel” to abort the print jobWebPrint Preview page Print button screenshot
  6. You should get a message that your document is queued for printingWebPrint job queued for printing screenshot