Winners List 2022 – Mount Mystics Trip of the Month Lottery

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Early Bird Draw

Congratulations to Vincent Moseley!

Ticket # 0042
Prize value:  $1000.00
Early Bird Draw Date: December 10, 2021.

50/50 Draw

Congratulations to Annette Kenny!
Prize Value$7282.50

Ticket #0888
Draw Date:  January 7, 2022

2022 Trip Winners List

January 7, 2022

Lindsey MacCallum (#121) – 1st Prize: Dublin, Ireland*.  Value $3300.00
*Select an alternate destination, or take the cash prize.

Richard Cyr (#587) – 2nd Prize: $250.00 cash
Pam Scott (#478) – 3rd Prize: $100.00 cash