The Mount Bookstore will not be hosting a Book Buyback at this time. 

You can try to sell your used books on the MSVU Buy and Sell Facebook Group.


What is the buyback?

Students who wish to sell their used textbooks may do so during the designated “buy-back” days. Buyback days occur during Christmas exams in December, during Final exams in April and in August, after the two summer sessions are over.

  • The Bookstore will pay half the current new price for any used book which meets the following criteria:
  • Your instructor must have notified the bookstore that the same textbook will be used in the coming semester.
  • The book must still be in print and the book you are selling must be the current edition.
  • You must sell your book promptly. If the bookstore ceiling has been reached, your book will have a lower value.
  • Books that were originally purchased as a set must be sold as a set.

The Buyback is conducted by Nebraska Book Company, a US-based used book company. Most textbooks which the bookstore cannot use may be purchased by Nebraska, shipped to their warehouse in the States and resold to other University Bookstores. Books purchased by Nebraska will net you less than half the shelf price, however, because of the high overhead of shipping the books, warehousing, etc.