Non Insured Medical Services

Non-insured services are clinical services not covered by MSI and some insurances. These include services that may not have ever been insured by MSI, as well as those that were once covered by MSI but aren’t covered any longer. Any service requested by a third party is a non-insured service, including administrative and committee work. The following services are not covered by Provincial health care or student health plans and must be paid for by the patient. These fees are effective September 2021.

  • No show – $50
  • Cancellation within 24 hours – $50
  • No health card/expired health card -$50
  • Out of country patient or no health insurance – $50
  • Drivers medical/complete medical – Starts at $50
  • TB testing and reading (takes four visits and included immunization review and form completion) – $192
  • Liquid nitrogen per session – $20
  • IUD insertion (tray fee) – $30
  • Birth control implants (tray fee) – $30
  • Minor procedures – Starts at $30
  • Ear Wax removal – $20 for one ear or $30 for both
  • Pregnancy Test – $15
  • Pap smear (patients with no health card or health insurance) – $75
  • Injections and Vaccinations (if not covered by Public Health) – $10 each

Forms and request for medical records fee starts at $40 and can be confirmed at time of request.

Fees need to be paid at time of service. VISA, Mastercard, Debit, Amex and cash are accepted.