Software Update Tips

Hacker in a computer
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Hackers exploit bugs in software and hardware to gain access to your devices and your data, so keeping your software updated reduces your risk from cyber-attacks, data loss, and privacy breaches.

Our top 4 update tips are:

  1. Auto-Update: Set your operating system and antivirus software to install updates automatically
  2. Software and Apps: Hackers can exploit defects in computer software and mobile apps to gain control of your device, so be mindful of when updates are available for them (especially web browsers) and use auto-updating when possible
  3. Router Updates: Keep your home router firmware updated to avoid unwanted virtual visitors, it’s the front door to your network
  4. Smart Device Updates: Keep your smart devices (like smart TVs, speakers, switches, doorbells, and cameras) updated, and turned off when not needed, as they often have weak security