Be Connected to your Education

To use the forgotten password feature of the password change tool:

  • You need to have set up your challenge questions.
  • You need your Mount username, Mount email address and Mount student/employee number.


Set up your challenge questions

  • Log in to the password change tool with your Mount username and password.
  • The first time you log in you will prompted to setup your challenge questions.
  • The tool will not allow you to change your password until three questions/answers are set.

You can use the existing challenge questions or you can create your own questions and answers.

  • To add your own question, at the bottom of the questions screen, choose add new question.
  • Type in your question, click on insert. Click on the Set answer link and type in your answer.
  • To clear a question, click clear answer – both the answer and the question are removed from the list.
  • When you have three answered, click save.
  • Only questions with answers set will be used as challenges during the forgotten password process.

Quick tips:

  • These three challenge questions allow you to change your network password – make sure they are questions that have answers that are not easily known, guessed, and are not in facebook.
  • Do not choose questions with hard to remember or ambiguous answers.
  • The answers to the questions are not case sensitive.
  • Do not choose questions that have changing answers. As an example “What is my favorite movie? – if your preference changes, your answer changes.
  • You just need to remember the answer to the challenge question. The question could be “What color is the sky” – if your answer was “plaid”, and you remembered it, this might be a great question.
  • You can login to the tool and change your answers or questions and answers from the menu.

Choosing to not use the forgotten password tool

If you do not want to use the forgotten password feature but still want to be able to use the password change part of the tool:

  • Answer the default questions with an answer that cannot be easily guessed
  • Answer all three default questions with random strings – an example is jnweffnjndfof.

This will prevent anyone who knew your email address, account and student/employee number, and wanted to attempt to change your password, from trying to guess your challenge questions.