Earn While You Learn | September 9, 2022


Learn where to look for jobs on campus and off campus and the most effective ways to apply for them. This workshop takes place just in time before Student Works fall/winter job opportunities close on September 18. Login into Career Connects with your Mount email address and regular password to view 31 part-time positions on campus.

Get to Know Career Services for International Students | August 31, 2022


Look forward to brushing up on your cover letter, resume? Want to learn more about the job or volunteer opportunities? Attending this webinar to learn all you need to know about the services you can find at Career Services.

What I Wish I’d Known About Career Planning | January 6, 2022


We a look at a few light exercises and checklists you can use during your time at the Mount to help with self reflection, career indecision, career mapping, job searching. You might not have all the answers today…this resource to help you figure it out.

Earn While You Learn workshop (focus on Student Works positions) | September 9, 2021


The Strong Interest Inventory Assessment: Is it Worthwhile? | January 2021

(3-minute video and instructions to order)

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Learn more about the 30-minute online Strong Interest Inventory and discover more about your career path, from your work style preferences to potential occupations. Most students find the results validate their thinking to date or offer suggestions they can act on.

Being Fierce: Adding to Your Work and Volunteer Experience | October 14, 2020

(Presentation PDF)

Learn more about the skills employers are seeking and the actions you can take to become a strong job candidate in any career path. If you’re an international student, consider checking out this presentation to find ways to build your Canadian experience.

LinkedIn for Future Professionals | June 25, 2020


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Join Christine Larade to learn how you can use LinkedIn to your advantage while job searching during the pandemic recovery…and beyond. Margaret Schwartz from the Government of Nova Scotia talks about the Graduate to Opportunity program.

Job Club 2022 | April 26 - 29, 2022

Career Kickstarter a.k.a. Proactive Job Search Processes and Techniques with EnPoint

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Learn to articulate your career target and create a strategy to work toward realizing that target, complete with goals, timelines, and resources needed to achieve those goals. Gain a better understanding of your career goals and an appreciation for how to leverage networks, uncover ‘hidden’ opportunities, and appropriately position yourself for ideal opportunities post-graduation. Includes an introduction to understanding labour market data to ground examples used in session.

Ask-Me-Anything About Interviews

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Featuring Accessibility Services, Black Student Support Office, and the International Education Centre
Ask us the interview questions that have been on your mind, and we’ll share helpful ways to respond. This workshop includes resources to help you prepare for interviews.

Networking 101

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Halifax Connector Program: https://halifaxpartnership.com/how-we-help/support-your-career/

LinkedIn page of Nishka Rajesh: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nishka-rajesh/

LinkedIn page of Celia Deer: https://www.linkedin.com/in/celia-deer/

This session will focus on developing a personal brand and leveraging both digital & in-person networking to help you excel in your career.  Learn how to network effectively and use LinkedIn to identify new career opportunities. The session will also discuss why networking is important, the different types of networking, and tips on how to network efficiently. The speakers will talk about how to kickstart your networking process with the Connector program and tips on making your LinkedIn profile look its best as well.

Effective Resumes and Cover Letters

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Presentation Powerpoint

Join MSVU Career Services and career practitioners in the community to review helpful resume and cover letter formats and tips for writing that encourage employers to call for an interview.

Job Posting Sites and Online Career Tools

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Presentation Powerpoint for Job Posting Sites and Online Career Tools 

GTO Grad Message PDF.pdf

GTO- Ad.pdf

GTO- Int’l Grad.pdf

The best-of-the-best free, reliable online resources that many students miss!

SHIFT 2022 | March 7, 2022

Exhibitor Cafe | March 7, 2022

Business is Jammin’

CBDC Blue Water

Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia

Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration 

Halifax Partnership Connector Program 

Job Junction, Nova Scotia Works

Mount Mentorship Program/ Mount Saint Vincent Alumnae Association

Mount Mentorship Program 

Nova Scotia Works – Opportunity Place



NS Works TEAM Work Cooperative






Accessibility Services (MSVU)


Career Services (MSVU)

Informed Investing | March 7, 2022

Keynote 1 {Why Investing: Why Safe, Informed Investing is Important to Your Future}

David Harrison, Investor Education & Communication Officer from the Nova Scotia Securities Commission talked about how securities are regulated in Canada and how investing and saving can play a big part in achieving your future financial goals.


(Recorded presentation)

Managing Your Career | March 7, 2022

Keynote 2: {Managing Your Career}

In this session, Chantal Brine, Ceo, En point talked about career management best participants to continue to build their career and skill set so that they progress in their career and how to overcome the most impede career advancement.


(Recorded presentation)