What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

“Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer-led academic assistance program that targets traditionally difficult courses and is offered to all students enrolled in the supported classes. The peer-led sessions are held regularly in an informal seminar during which students compare notes, discuss readings and concepts, clarify issues of confusion, and solve complex problems.

The continual practice of these strategies within the session creates deeper engagement with and enhanced learning of the material. Students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills are further developed through this small-group approach to learning. Students begin to develop their own learning strategies through the guidance of an SI leader—a student who has already been successful in the class and was recommended by the course instructor.”

(University of Missouri – Kansas City, 2004)

  • Improved Grades: Taking steps to improve your academic performance can help increase your grades in the SI subject areas, and your overall GPA
  • Comfortable Learning Environment: You may find it easier to ask your peers, who are at an equal or similar level to you, about challenging concepts in your subject area
  • Improve Confidence in a Subject Area As you improve in the subject area, the perceptions you have surrounding your abilities in it may change.
  • Become a more Independent Learner: By voluntarily participating in the SI program you are taking control over your learning. Also, you will gain effective study skills to help you become a more independent learner
  • Gain Transferable Skills: The study skills you develop in SI sessions will help you in the SI subject area and your other courses
  • Contribute Your Knowledge: You are always welcome to contribute your knowledge in the subject area; participating in this way can help boost your confidence and help others in the group
  • Meet Other Students in Your Class: This social element of SI is helpful for forming future study groups and lasting friendships


SI Moodle

  • access Collaborate sessions
  • study tips and resources
  • information from SI Leaders

(To join the SI Moodle contact: learning.strategist@msvu.ca )


Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions – Winter 2024 Schedule


PSYC 1110: Psychology as a Natural Science

Mondays          2 pm – 3 pm           EVR 433 & Blackboard Collaborate

SI Leader: Ash Fahie


PSYC 1120: Psychology as a Social Science

Tuesdays          12:15 pm – 1:15 pm         EVR 433

Fridays               1:30 pm – 2:30 pm         Blackboard Collaborate

SI Leader: Natalie Lawy


MATH 2208: Stats I

Mondays              5:30 pm – 6:30 pm      Blackboard Collaborate

Wednesdays         12 pm – 1 pm         Blackboard Collaborate

SI Leader: Raymond Gammon


MATH 2209: Stats II

Tuesdays      4:30 pm – 5:30 pm        Blackboard Collaborate

Fridays          12 pm – 1 pm               EVR 304

SI Leader: Koen Schlief


BUSI 2321: Accounting I

Tuesdays          9 am – 10 am          SAC 551

Thursdays        9 am – 10 am          SAC 553

SI Leader: Sarthak Prashar


CHEM 1012: Chemistry II

Wednesdays      4:30 pm – 5:30 pm       EVR 123

Fridays                12 pm – 1 pm               EVR 123

SI Leader: Nicole Cox

James Jollymore, B. Sc., B. Ed., M. Ed. (he/him)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Supervisor

Learning Strategist

Student Success Coordinator

Centre for Academic Advising and Student Success

Seton Academic Centre, Room 346
166 Bedford Highway, Halifax, NS