What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction is a free academic support program that provides weekly, out-of-class, peer facilitated study sessions. SI will help you improve your academic performance in historically challenging subjects. SI sessions are voluntary and available to you if you are enrolled in:

  • Business 2221: Intro Accounting I
  • Business 2222: Intro Accounting II
  • Chemistry 1011: General Chemistry I
  • Chemistry 1012: General Chemistry II
  • Chemistry 2401: Organic Chemistry I
  • Math 2208: Introduction to Statistics I
  • Math 2209: Introduction to Statistics II
  • Psychology 1110: Introduction to Psychology as a Natural Science
  • Psychology 1120: Introduction to Psychology as a Social Science

Benefits of Supplemental Instruction

Improved Grades: Taking steps to improve your academic performance can help increase your grades in the SI subject areas, and your overall GPA

Comfortable Learning Environment: You may find it easier to ask your peers, who are at an equal or similar level to you, about challenging concepts in your subject area

Improve Confidence in a Subject Area As you improve in the subject area, the perceptions you have surrounding your abilities in it may change.

Become a more Independent Learner: By voluntarily participating in the SI program you are taking control over your learning. Also, you will gain effective study skills to help you become a more independent learner

Gain Transferable Skills: The study skills you develop in SI sessions will help you in the SI subject area and your other courses

Contribute Your Knowledge: You are always welcome to contribute your knowledge in the subject area; participating in this way can help boost your confidence and help others in the group

Meet Other Students in Your Class: This social element of SI is helpful for forming future study groups and lasting friendships