Summer 2022 Ultimate Parent Guide


  • Registration processing begins on March 29, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. (AST)
  • Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an email from us referencing a registration confirmation or a waitlist confirmation.
  • This process will take time. We are anticipating a high volume of emails over the next few weeks and we will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Registration Package: 2022 Ultimate Parent Guide

Please review all the information you need to know about summer day camp in our 2022 Ultimate Parent Guide.


Registration Information


Step 1: Carefully review the 2022 Ultimate Parent Guide in it’s entirety.
Step 2: Complete the Registration Form, on pages 6 & 7.
Step 3: Email the registration form to us at camps@msvu.ca.

Registration began on March 29, 2022 and this is our current availability (as of March 30):

Available spots: 

Week #1: June 29-30, 2022

Weeks that are now full:

FULL – Week #2: July 4-8, 2022
FULL – Week #3: July 11-15, 2022
FULL – Week #4: July 18-22, 2022
FULL – Week #5: July 25-29, 2022
FULL – Week #6: August 2-5, 2022
FULL – Week #9: August 22-26 2022
FULL – Week #10: Aug. 29-Sept. 2, 2022

Registration Information:

*Our preferred registration method is email.
*Registrations will be processed in the order which they are received.
*Registration processing begins 10:00 a.m. (AST) on March 29, 2022.
*Email submissions will be accepted at 12:00 a.m. (AST) on March 29, 2022. Please do not send your application in advance of March 29th, any applications received prior to this date and time will be considered outside the registration timeframe and may not be processed.

*If you are having technical difficulties, you can register by phone, Mondays-Fridays between 9:00 am-4:00pm.  Call 902-457-6420.


Please contact us at camps@msvu.ca or 902-457-6420.

Refund Policy & Cancellation Fees

Refund Policy for Summer Day Camp

– Each day camp registration will be subject to a CANCELLATION FEE for EACH withdrawal request.
Cancellation Fee:  $25.00 per 5-day week requested.
– The cancellation fee will be prorated for based on the number of days in the camp week.

To cancel your registration and receive a refund (minus the CANCELLATION FEE- see details above) you must:
– Request to withdraw in writing, by emailing camps@msvu.ca
– Submit request THREE WEEKS prior to the day or week of camp that you are requesting to withdraw from.
– If requesting within the three week period, a refund will only be issued if a replacement can be found.

Exception: Pro-rated refunds will be provided for any days that a child cannot attend camp due to illness.

About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Mount’s Summer Day Camp Programs, where fun and safety are always our top priorities! Our Summer, PD and March Break Day Camps offer a wide range of energetic and exciting activities for children in elementary school.

Since 1983, we have become a leader in offering unique and meaningful active day camp experiences for children in Halifax and surrounding areas. From athletic and recreational games in the gymnasium, to art activities and crafts, to outdoor adventures and scavenger hunts around our beautiful campus, we ensure a fun-filled, safe, and active experience for your child! Our camp Leaders and Coordinators are qualified, experienced Mount students, with many aspiring to teach or work with children through our Child & Youth Studies or Bachelor of Education program.

Our programs are structured to engage the whole child and create a lasting impression of fun, friends, and memorable experiences. Take a look at our many day camps coming up and other children’s programs offered through the Mount Fitness Centre.

Our themed camps include structured recreational programming, based on a weekly theme, that allows our campers to have fun and be kids! Our activities include a variety of games, crafts, outdoor adventure, etc. Campers will enhance their imagination, learn through movement and play, and be physically active.

Summer 2022 Themes

Week # 1:  June 29 & 30*                                                                              Fee: $80.00

School’s Out! It’s that time of year again… SUMMER! We want to know all about your school year, so you can teach us some of your favourite schoolyard games. Come skip your way through hop scotch and create a chalk masterpiece during these two days of fun.

*No camp Friday, July 1

Week # 2:  July 4 – 8                                                                                         Fee: $175.00

Animal Planet. Lions and Tigers and Bears… oh my! You’ll have a roaring good time with Hibernation or Migration, Jungle Safari and make your very own animal mask!

Week # 3:  July 11 – 15                                                                                        Fee: $175.00

To Infinity… and Beyond! Three, two, one, blast-off! This space-tacular week will make your imagination soar with Moonwalk Freeze, Grab a Planet and Star Catchers!

Week # 4:  July 18 – 22                                                                                        Fee: $175.00

Superstar Extravaganza. Lights, Camera, ACTION! Join our star search for the Annual Mount Variety Show, dance the afternoon away at our glow dance party and attend the RECademy Awards. This week will definitely keep you movin’ and groovin’!

Week # 5:  July 25 – 29                                                                                        Fee: $175.00

Water Works. Splish splash into our camp for a week of water play! Try your best not to get wet during Lucky Liquid and Smooth Seas. Practice your water soaking skills as you might even get the chance to soak your camp leaders at the end of the week!

Week # 6:  August 2 – 5*                                                                                     Fee: $140.00

Minute Madness. What can you do in a minute? Can you keep a balloon in the air? Can you hop on one foot? Test your skills during this week of foolish fun!

* No camp August 1.

Week # 7:  August 8 – 12                                                                                     Fee: $175.00

A Bug’s Life. It’s your turn to live the bug’s life. Learn about your bug friends with Insect Trivia, create an ecosystem at the Meadows, and work together in Army Ants.

Week # 8:  August 15 – 19                                                                                    Fee: $175.00

World Tour. Pack your bags for this whirlwind adventure MSVU style. Each day discover a new and amazing place, from the chilly winds of the Artic to the hot deserts in Africa. We’ll be sure to fill our camp passports as we dart through the jungle relay and set sail on a sea adventure.

Week # 9:  August 22 – 26                                                                                    Fee: $175.00

Mount Carnival. It is time for our annual Carnival Week! Get ready for all the fun we have in store with lots of classic carnival games including Bean Bag Toss, Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey, and Target Shot. We can’t forget about Carnival Day where there will be face painting, games, carnival snacks, and lots of prizes to win!

Week # 10:  August 29 – September 2                                                               Fee: $175.00

See Ya Next Summer! Summer is over for now, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! We’ll play some camp classics and even get our hands messy in some back in some back-to-school crafts! Good thing we still have lots of energy for this fun-filled camp!

General Information

Hours of Operation: 7:30am-5:30pm

  • Supervised free play: 7:30am-9:00am
  • Structured activities: 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Supervised free play: 4:00pm-5:30pm

Drop off and Pick up:

  • All parents/guardians must escort their camper to the drop-off table outside the Mount Fitness Centre
  • Drop off: 7:30am-9:00am
  • Pick up: 4:00pm-5:30pm
  • If dropping off or picking up between 9am-4pm, please call 902-457-6420.
  • Late fee: $5.00 for every 15 minutes a child remains after 5:30pm.


  • Please provide nut free lunch and snack items.
  • Our campers are very active throughout the day and will watch a G-rated movie during lunch.

Allergies & Medications

Allergies and Medications: 

  • Please inform the MSVU Day Camp Staff of all allergies and/or medications.
  • If your child needs to take medication, please give it to the day camp staff member upon sign in.
  • Medications must be prescribed to the camper by a physician and be in the original packaging. Proof of prescription and written authorization are required.
  • Over the counter medications will not be administered.

Disciplinary Code

The Mount’s Day Camp Program has established a three-step disciplinary code to assist the staff in dealing with behavioral problems, if and when necessary. These procedures are designed to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for all participants.

  • Step one includes speaking to child and parent/guardian.
  • Step two includes speaking to child and parent/guardian, in addition to disciplinary action of some form that day (ex. sitting out of a camp activity).
  • Step three includes speaking to child and parent/guardian, disciplinary action, and the possible dismissal of the child from camp if proper behavior is not forthcoming.
  • The Mount’s Day Camp Program aims to prevent bullying, hitting, swearing and/or name calling within our camp through positive reinforcement and peer reconciliation.
  • Should you wish to discuss this policy, please contact the Recreation Coordinator by calling 902-457-6369 prior to an incident.

Inclusive Programming

Does MSVU day camps have dedicated spaces for children who may require additional support to participate?

All registration applications are treated equally. Registrations are processed based on the date and time the registration form is received. When completing the registration form, you will need to provide details of any medical conditions, allergies, disabilities and any other related needs your child may have in order to actively participate.

MSVU Day Camps may deem it necessary to meet with the child and parent/guardian(s) to work collaboratively to develop a potential accommodation plan, if appropriate. Your position in the registration queue will not be impacted during this process.

If it is determined that a child’s needs can be reasonably accommodated in the MSVU Day Camp by increasing the staff to child ratio (current ratio: 1 leader to less than 10 children), acceptance into the program will be dependent on recruitment of qualified staff.

If, after acceptance to MSVU Day Camps, it is determined that a child has needs beyond those that can be supported within a 1 leader to 10 children ratio, the child’s participation may be suspended until such a time as it can be determined if reasonable accommodations can be made and when they can be put in place.

One-on-One Support:

We welcome children of all abilities in our summer camp programs. We offer inclusive programming for campers requiring extra support due to a physical, medical, behavioral and/or developmental exceptionality. Campers will receive one-on-one support from an Inclusion Leader who is charged with meeting the camper’s personal and developmental needs, making every effort to include campers in adapted activities, and ensuring their overall safety and happiness while in our care. While we are happy to try our best to accommodate all participants’ needs, please understand that some needs may be beyond our scope of accommodation. Please note that by not disclosing the needs of a participant prior to registration we may be required to withdraw the participant from the program until appropriate supports can be put into place or become available.

When assessing whether a One-to-One Inclusion Support Person is required, please consider the following:

  • Is extra support required at school and/or in the community?
  • Is extra help required at home for basic care?
  • Is there an existing physical, medical, behavioral and/or developmental disability that could affect the safety and enjoyment of the participant and/or other participants?


To apply for a space for your child in our inclusion programming, please complete and submit the MSVU Summer Day Camp Inclusion application form on page 8 of the 2022 Ultimate Parent Guide and provide the supporting documentation required.

Application deadline is May 15, 2022.

Please note that we only have a limited number of spaces available each week throughout the summer. The total number of weeks available to each participant is dependent on how many applications we receive for the program. We will attempt to distribute weeks as evenly as possible amongst applicants.

Once we have confirmed the weeks available for each applicant, we will contact parents to confirm payment and to arrange a meeting, if necessary, to help support the training needs of staff and to discuss the program modifications and behavioral strategies required to be in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the participant.

Contact Us

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our camp program, please contact us!

For registration, payment & general inquiries, please contact the Mount Fitness Centre:

902-457-6420 or email camps@msvu.ca

For all other camp inquiries, please contact our Recreation Coordinator, Brittany Lowe:

902-457-6369 or email brittany.lowe@msvu.ca