All incidents are reported through campus security at 902.457.6111. Reports will be taken and assessed for the level of response required. All reported incidents will be treated with confidentiality with an emphasis on safety, prevention and harm reduction. Follow up investigations will be conducted when necessary and referrals to support services will be made when appropriate. If the incident requires outside agencies for support, they will be called upon for assistance.

Examples of incidents can include, but are not limited to:

Accidents (motor vehicle, slip and fall), breaches in the laws, vehicle break-in, thefts, emergencies, violence, threats, medical emergencies, safety issues and strange or unusual behavior.

Below are some examples of incidents involving behaviour that should be reported:

Strange or unusual behavior

Strange or unusual behavior should be reported as a preventative measure when the behaviour is potentially harmful to one’s self or others, including a change in one’s normal behaviour with tendencies to threats of violence (including harming one’s self), fixation on violence, planning violence, threats and sexual violence.

Direct or indirect reference to self-harm

Regardless of circumstances or context, references to self-harm should be taken very seriously and a mental health professional (such as our own Counselling Services) should be consulted beginning with reporting it to Security.

Threats and disruptive behavior

Intervention varies with severity of the behavior however any type of threat or disruptive behavior should be reported to Security. Threats of violence or acts of violence need to be reported immediately to Security to ensure an immediate intervention can be made in an effort to mitigate or reduce harm. These incidents will be investigated with emphasis on prevention and providing help for those requiring support.

Drug and alcohol misuse

In case of a suspected drug overdose, alcohol poisoning or severe drug reaction call 911, followed immediately by calling Mount Security. Campus security will investigate and provide first aid and medical assistance at the scene until paramedics arrive. Our Mount Security team are trained to administer Naloxone in conjunction with 911 support, should a suspected opiate overdose occur.

The following is the information you would be asked to provide when reporting an incident to campus security, police and/or other emergency responder.

• Your name (first and last)
• Date of Birth
• Your location (be as specific as possible)
• Description of the event (medical emergency, accident, campus violence, fire etc.)
• Number of people involved
• Phone number and address
• Contact information