Elders’ Circle

The Elders’ Circle project connects all MSVU students with Elders from the African Nova Scotian community. This project is coordinated by the Black Student Support Office (BSSO), who will host Elders for monthly discussions. With a commitment to empowering Black students, the Elders’ Circle will also expose others to the shared knowledge and experiences of the African diasporic communities worldwide. This initiative coincides with our goals of providing holistic support for all Black students at MSVU while affirming that “Community Matters” at MSVU.

Through the Elders’ Circle, the BSSO aims to bridge the intergenerational knowledge gap within the Black community by bringing Elders directly to our campus. All are welcome to attend the monthly sessions whether in-person or online. The coordinators of this project are Randy Headley and Lilian Fernandes from the Black Student Support Office and Alexia Major from the Faculty of Education. Please email blackstudentsupport@msvu.ca for more details or reach out with any questions you may have.

Upcoming Meetings:

December 2023 – The Impact of Elders Interaction


See previous meetings below:

January Poster for Elders' Circle

“Impactful Programming for African Nova Scotian Communities”

A commencement to the African Heritage Month celebration at MSVU! With a focus on child and youth development, Dr. Rev. Ross shared her journey as an educator and a pillar in her community. We were honoured to have Dr. Rev. Ross at her alma mater to review the challenges and highlights of her life and career since attending MSVU.


March Poster for Elders' Circle“African/Black People in Leadership”

March’s installment of the Elders’ Circle welcomed Khalid Wasi from Bermuda. Khalid Wasi is an author, former politician, and community activist. Wasi discussed African and Black people in leadership.

Elders' Circle-August Session

“The Importance of Youth Engagement in the Edlers’ Circle”

Moashella Shortte discussed the importance of youth engagement in the Elders’ Circle. The purpose of this Elders’ Circle was to motivate faculty and staff members to encourage students, especially Black students, to participate in future sessions.

Elders' Circle-September Session

“Expanding our Understanding of Learning Through Personal Stories”

We welcomed Samm Musoke to share on the topic, “Expanding Our Understanding of Learning through Personal Stories”.

October's Elders' Circle Poster

“Africville: The Spirit that Lives On”

We welcomed the dynamic duo of Bernice Arsenault and Beatrice Wilkins (West). These admirable women shared their life experiences and connection to Africville. The rich lives of Bernice and Beatrice highlighted the spirit of Africville that continues to live on while demonstrating why a strong and invested community is so valuable.






“Research in the Black Community” – October 16, 2023

We welcomed Dr. George Frempong to the Elders’ Circle to discuss importance of research in the Black community.

“Healthy Black Family” – October 23, 2023

We welcomed Elder, Jemell Moriah, to discuss the importance of Black families.

December Poster for Elders' Circle“African Spirituality and African Drumming”

Join the Black Student Support Office (BSSO) on Tuesday, December 6th from 12:30 pm to 2 pm for the next Elders’ Circle session. For December’s gathering, we invited Toria Aidoo to share her experiences through and connection to African Drumming. As the year comes to a close, this session will prove to be a great opportunity to learn about African spirituality and how African Drumming offers a chance to connect with each other and renew our focus. All MSVU students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend and participate— Join us at The Rook (Rosaria 201) for a time of fun, music, and community.