In addition to all of our student supports, we also have a number of policies that govern our conduct at MSVU.

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

MSVU is committed to giving students with disabilities equal opportunities for academic success and personal development at university. The University supports academically qualified students with disabilities in their efforts to participate as fully as possible in university programs by providing services and reasonable academic accommodations.

If you have any questions about the Policy on Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities, please contact Accessibility Services at

Academic Appeals Procedures

The Academic Appeals Procedures are in place to ensure that student appeals are dealt with in an equitable and orderly manner. The three types of appeals covered under these procedures are grade appeals concerned with the fair evaluation of student work and are conducted at the departmental level, appeals concerned with the mistaken application of University regulations and appeals against penalties imposed for academic offenses.

If you have any questions about the Academic Appeal Procedures, please contact Stephanie Hale, Registrar at

Course Outline Policy

The Course Outline Policy details that every course delivered by the Mount must have a detailed course outline. This policy clearly states the type of information that must be included in a course outline including the following:

  • A description of the course
  • Instructor’s contact details
  • Methods of evaluation and;
  • Key statements relating to student and instructor rights and responsibilities

If you have questions about the Course Outline Policy, please contact a Course Instructor, Chair of a Department or the Dean of a Faculty.

Harassment & Discrimination

MSVU is committed to providing and maintaining an environment that promotes the dignity of human beings. MSVU, with and through the Harassment & Discrimination Advisor, will take necessary steps to ensure the health, safety and security of any person covered by this Policy.

If you have any questions about the Harassment & Discrimination Policy, please contact the Harassment and Discrimination Advisor at

Non-Academic Discipline Policy

At MSVU, student conduct is covered under our Non-Academic Discipline Policy. Students, faculty, and staff can report concerns through this policy, and students may be subject to disciplinary measures for inappropriate behaviour. Please familiarize yourself with the MSVU Student Charter of Rights and Responsibilities in this policy.

If you have any questions about the Non-Academic Discipline Policy, please contact the Office of Student Experience at

Policy Against Sexual Violence

MSVU is committed to sexual violence prevention and providing a trauma-informed, survivor-centred response. As an MSVU student, you have the right to a campus environment that is free from sexualized violence, including sexual assault. The full policy, as well as additional resources, can be found at

If you have questions about the Policy Against Sexual Violence, please contact the Office of Student Experience at

Regulations Governing Computer Use

To promote the responsible and ethical use of MSVU’s computing resources, all MSVU computer users are expected to adhere to the computer use regulations that are outlined in this policy. Authorized university staff will routinely monitor computing activity in order to safeguard the security and smooth operation of Mount computer resources, while acknowledging your right of privacy.

If you have any questions about the Regulations Governing Computer Use, please contact IT&S at

Student Guidelines for Conduct in a Virtual Environment

The guidelines are intended to promote collegial conduct at MSVU between students and faculty, staff and peers in a virtual environment, including online courses and email communication, though many of the guidelines are also applicable to in-person environments.

If you have questions about the Student Guidelines for Conduct in a Virtual Environment, please contact the Office of Student Experience at