There are computer facilities conveniently located in several buildings across campus.  Here students
can access MS Office, the internet, print services, as well as specialized applications required for
various courses.

In order to print in the labs, you must first prepay for printing. We call money on your print account “print credits.”  Students may purchase print credits from the Lab Assistant in Seton 316 or at the Helpdesk in the Information Commons.  Print credits purchased in either location can be used in any of the general use student labs (Seton 315, 316, Evaristus 136, EMF127C and Information Commons).  More Info

Food and Drink in Labs

Food and drinks can cause equipment failure if introduced into the electronic components of a computer; therefore, they are forbidden in all computer labs.  Offenders may be asked to leave the lab, and lab privileges may be revoked.

Virus Checking

A virus is a program designed to corrupt other programs. The impact of viruses can range from making your computer crash to deleting important files, possibly doing enough damage so that the computer is inoperable. All lab computers are protected by Trend Micro Antivirus.