Working with students, for students.

Every year the student Executive, Council, managers, staff and volunteers working inside the Students’ Union aim to make the best decisions regarding what the general student body needs from them. The Students’ Union assesses key issues and priority areas for students, making recommendations for changes and implementing them to make the Mount community a better place to live, work and study for all students. These priority areas range from accessibility to advocacy, awareness, communication, student life, student rights, services and governance.

The Students’ Union oversees countless events and initiatives each year, including: awards night banquets, awareness campaigns, clubs and societies, contests and giveaways, Orientation and Frosh Week including the ever popular Shinerama, grad class events and photography, employment fairs and workshops, guest speakers, lobbying activities, textbook trading fairs and Winter Carnival.

The Mount’s Students’ Union welcomes you to visit their website,