The Academic Calendar lists everything you need to know about the Mount’s policies and procedures, programs, courses, important dates, and more. It is important for students to review and consult their academic calendar regularly. Here are some tips for using the academic calendar for the first time:

Review the calendar in your first year to get a sense of the courses you might like to take in the future.

Focus on current course offerings: The academic calendar lists all of the courses that could be offered at the Mount; however, not all courses are offered every semester or every year. Use myMount to determine which courses are offered each semester.

Highlight important dates: Be sure to review the “Academic Course Add/Drop Dates” and “Important Dates in the University Year” listed at the beginning of the academic calendar. It is a good idea to copy these pages annually and post them in a place where you can easily access them.

Plan your prerequisites: Most courses at the 2000 level and above require prerequisites. When planning your schedule, we suggest thinking ahead about what courses you would like to take. If these courses require prerequisites, you should take them early in your program.

Review the scholarship and bursary section: There are numerous scholarship and bursaries available for students. The academic calendar lists them and explains the eligibility criteria for each award.