Residence Life Team

The Residence Life Office is dedicated to the happiness and well-being of all students in residence. Because of this, we have staff members who work and live in residence as supports for other students. These staff members are broken into three groups, Residents Assistants, an Academic Resident Assistant, and Dons. These positions are described below.

Resident Assistant:

Every floor is represented by a Resident Assistant (or RA). The RA is your source of information and support. RA’s are extensively trained to ensure a smooth residence experience. A Resident Assistant is on duty in every building from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. week nights and weekends. A schedule of this duty is posted on your Resident Assistant’s door.

Academic & Community Resident Assistant:

The Academic & Community Resident Assistant (ACRA) is a student dedicated to supporting the academic and community success of students in residence. The ARCA can support students one-on-one, in group programming or through other residence based initiatives. Some areas where the ARCA can support students include study skills, time management skills, interpersonal skills or practical community skills (laundry, cooking, etc.). Please contact the ACRA at


Every residence at The Mount is supported by a Don who in turn supervises the areas RA’s. The Dons are experienced Residence Life Staff who are available in case of emergencies or serious problems. All Dons are also available to support any students who are in need.


Become a Resident Assistance

To apply to be a NEW Resident Assistant for the 2022-2023 year, please complete the RA Application below and have your references complete the  Reference Form. Applications close February 4, 2022.

If you are interested in applying for the position or have questions regarding the position before making your decision, contact your RA, DON, or email us at

Assisi Hall

Alyssa Rose – DON of Assisi Hall

Cassidy Plagos – RA Assisi 3 & 4

Julia Borque – RA Assisi 5 & 6

Kait Hiscock – RA Assisi 7 & 8

Lacey Meisner – RA Assisi 9 & 10

Lauren Petrie – RA Assisi 11 & 12

The Birches

Eamonn Thompson – DON of the Birches


Lillian Flynn – RA Birch 2


Amelia MacDougall – RA Birch 3


Bee MacNeill  – RA Birch 4


Dittmen Cheah – RA Birch 5


Ana Julia Gomes Nobre – DON of Westwood

Ailish Sullivan – RA Westwood 1 & 2

Eli LeDrew – RA Westwood 3rd

Parniyan Hosseini Fatemi – RA Westwood 4 & 5

Academic & Community RA (ACRA)

Morgan Hussey – Academic & Community RA (ACRA)