What we can do for you:

Your recruitment solution is at Mount Saint Vincent University. A small university with a reputation for academic excellence, our graduates know how to make a difference. More than 1,000 students graduate every year from the Mount in the fields of arts, science, education, and professional studies. View our stories to learn more about our students.

The commitment of Career Services is to help you find tomorrow’s leaders. We offer a full range of personalized services at no cost to employers. Whether you need to recruit for full-time, part-time or summer positions, you will find everyone you need at the Mount.

If the above events do not meet your needs, we would like to discuss other innovative ways to meet with Mount students. Contact us at careerplanning@msvu.ca or call (902) 457-6567 to plan your recruitment strategy at the Mount.

International Students and Graduates

Mount Saint Vincent University has a talented and diverse group of international students. As newcomers to Canada, international students have adapted to a new culture. Our Guide to Hiring International Students and Graduates is here to help you access this pool of candidates and support you in transitioning them from student to employees. *Note: For the best quality please view this resource using Google Chrome.

Employment Programs

Please note that Career Services follows the Ethical Recruitment Guidelines of CACEE (Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers), which can be found at: http://www.cacee.com/recruitment.html