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Regulations Governing Computer Use

To promote the responsible and ethical use of Mount Saint Vincent University computing
resources, all MSVU computer users will be expected to adhere to the computer use
regulations described here. In addition to these norms, users may also be subject to
additional regulations set by those responsible for a particular computing facility. Such
regulations must be publicized. With due regard for the right of privacy of users and the
confidentiality of their data, authorized university staff will routinely monitor computing activity
in order to safeguard the security and smooth operation of Mount computing resources.

Individuals must respect the rights of other authorized users. The following activities are

  1. Using the computer access privileges of others or sharing one’s username and
    password; interfering with the security or confidentiality of other users’ files or maliciously
    destroying any computer stored material including that in primary storage.
  2. Impeding others or interfering with their legitimate use of computing facilities (this includes
    but is not limited to sending obscene, threatening, or repeated unnecessary mail messages
    or accessing pornographic material);
  3. Illegally copying programs or data that are the property of the university or other users or
    putting unauthorized or forbidden software, data files, or other such computer-related
    material on university computers;
  4. Interfering with the normal operation of computing systems or attempting to subvert the
    restrictions associated with such facilities;
  5. Using computing resources for purposes not in accordance with educational and/or
    research activity;
  6. Failing to follow specific rules set out by the faculty member or Department in charge of the
    course for classes, tests, or exams held in a computer lab;
  7. Using the Internet and other computing resources for purposes deemed to be recreational
    to the detriment of curriculum-related uses.

Violations of the rules or procedures as published may result in withdrawal of computer
access for the individual concerned and in all MSVU usernames/user-ids owned by that
individual being disabled.