Do you love all sorts of sports? Join these Mount Mystics Varsity Athletes and try your hand at new, fun skills in all your favourite sports!



These online children’s recreation programming activities are hosted by MSVU Athletics and Recreation Day Camp staff!  The goal is to have some fun, learn something new, and challenge your mind. These activities are “use at your own risk,” so don’t work beyond your capability and seek help if you need it. Remember, safety first! Children should not participate in these activities without the permission of a parent or guardian. We hope you enjoy this free programming!

man holding soccer ball

Week #8: Soccer – Shooting


  • Soccerball

woman with volleyball

Week #7: Volleyball – Passing


  • Volleyball

Week #6: Throwing (Football)


  • Football

woman passing basketball

Week #5: Basketball – Passing


  • Basketball or bouncy ball

man throwing a softball

Week #4: Throwing – Softball


  • Softball, baseball, or any other similar sized balls.

woman holding a tennis racket

Week #3: Tennis Ball Drill


  • Tennis Ball
  • Tennis Racquet

Man holding a soccer ball

Week #2: Soccer Passing


  • Soccer ball

woman playing basketball outside

Week #1:  Basketball Dribbling


Basketball (or any bouncy ball)