7 ways to use your Writing Centre:

You can post the Writing Centre and Booking link on your syllabus, refer and encourage student use, book a tutor to introduce this support to your class – even offer bonus points for an appointment here! (Please note you can’t require a writing appointment for an assignment: Due to high demand and mandate, individual Writing Centre appointments can’t be made part of graded coursework.)

1. Recommend an appointment for a student with a particular writing issue or missing skill. Recommend repeating weekly appointments all term for a student with many writing issues. Students book these themselves: writing@msvu.ca.

2. Know that this Centre is also a referral service for students with particular needs (ESL/EAL, learning strategies, counselling, accessibility). Direct students with writing issues here, and tutors will connect them with the appropriate service, including Library research help.

3. Arrange class visits on writing issues (where tutor schedule permits). Because Writing Centre hours are limited, it is important to arrange in advance any requests for in-class workshops: for visits contact the Coordinator: clare.goulet@msvu.ca

4. Meet with the Coordinator to discuss strategies for planning successful writing projects in your courses (group work, staged papers, in-class writing, feedback on writing, peer editing, handbooks to self-correct). The current Coordinator has 25 years experience editing academic and literary texts as well as teaching students in arts, sciences, and professional programs: ready to collaborate.

5. Place linked writing help on your Moodle sites or in your assignments:

help for student lit reviews, thesis statements, structure, academic style
help for research papers

citation guides (APA, MLA, Chicago, and more)

writing guides for your specific subject or program

6. Check out Five strategies to improve writing in your courses

7. Know all your campus writing resources. If there are specific workshop topics, handouts, or other resources you would like to see developed, contact the Coordinator – clare.goulet@msvu.ca