Web Conferencing Safety TipsVideo Conferencing Image

We all probably have to attend an online meetings or events using video conferencing systems like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Goto Meeting, Webex or Zoom, and they all have different security and privacy settings and features and challenges.

Protect your privacy by following the tips below when using these systems.

  1. If you are hosting a web conference, always add a password, disable ‘join before host’, and turn-off annotations.
  2. Turn off any listening devices (e.g. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or smart phone apps) near you during your web- or tele-conference.
  3. Consider whether saving recordings to the cloud is necessary. If you did not record conversations or meetings before, should you record a video conference just because you can? This could add additional and unnecessary privacy risk to your work.
  4. When attending a web conference, be aware if you are being recorded, as it may capture all voice, video, and text from the meeting.
  5. Sign into external web conferences with your partial name or a nickname.
  6. Disable your camera and microphone, unless needed to participate.
  7. Before switching on your camera or sharing your screen, consider what information may appear and make sure confidential information is not visible.
  8. Consider who is nearby and what information could be overheard.
  9. Search the internet for the official information instead of clicking on links posted by untrusted sources in web conference chats.
  10. Do not download files from online meetings as they could contain malware.
  11. Verify the identity of whom you are talking to.
  12. Review the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the web conferencing company. Some may share personal data with marketing companies.
  13. If your profession is governed by a licensing board or body, refer to your governing body for possible video conferencing guidelines and recommendations specific to your discipline.
  14. If you have professional liability insurance, check that your insurance also covers you for web- and tele-conferencing.