Mount Fitness Centre Personal Training
– Halifax’s hidden gem!

Most of us need encouragement and accountability to achieve our goals.  A personal trainer is the expert you need to not only reach goals safely, but also succeed in ways you never thought possible!

If you are looking for motivation, knowledge, a fun way to challenge yourself or new ideas for improving overall wellness, come in and meet our experienced Trainers today. They are ready and able to help you become the best YOU possible!

Get rolling with the 3 session Starter Package, or commit to your own long-term health with 5 or 10 sessions packages (ask for more info on larger packages).  With options for one-on-one or small group training we will find a way to help you reach your goals!

Awesome value. See the results. Feel the difference!

Here’s what a former client had to say about their Trainer at the Mount:

“I see my Trainer every week and the progress I’ve made from earlier this year has been amazing. Each week she has been increasing things and making it more and more challenging – all while being encouraging, positive and fun.”

Call us at 902-457-6420 to discover which trainer suits you and arrange an “introductory call” before investing in your future!  For further inquiries, email our Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, Melissa Millar.

Purchase your Personal Training sessions today!

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One-on-one Training Packages

Our packages:

  • One-on-one sessions with a trainer.
  • Virtual and in-person options available for everyone
  • Discounts available for Mount Fitness Centre Members
  • Note:  These packages do not include a Facility Pass.  If you wish to use the facility without a trainer present, a Facility Pass is required.

Member Rates:

    • 3 Sessions: $125.60 + hst
    • 5 Sessions: $188.00 + hst
    • 10 Sessions: $336.00 + hst

Non-Member Rates:

    • 3 Sessions: $157.00 + hst
    • 5 Sessions: $235.00 + hst
    • 10 Sessions: $420.00 + hst

You’ll feel the difference and see the results!

Sessions are booked by appointment.
Personal Training slots often fill-up FAST, so call to reserve your space now!

Purchase your package online or call 902-457-6420


Group Training Packages

Groups consist of 2-4 people.

Member Rates:

    • 3 Sessions: $96.00 + hst    per-person
    • 5 Sessions: $145.00 + hst    per-person
    • 10 Sessions: $240.00 + hst    per-person

Non-Member Rates:

      • 3 Sessions: $116.00 + hst   per-person
      • 5 Sessions: $175.00 + hst    per-person
      • 10 Sessions: $288.00 + hst   per-person

Sessions are booked by appointment.
Personal Training slots often fill-up FAST, so call to reserve your space now!

Purchase your package online or call 902-457-6420

Need something new and interesting to spice up your workouts?  Book a 30-minute TRX workout with a Personal Trainer.

30 minute session
Fee: $13.05 + hst

Must be in good health with no current injuries or conditions.

Advanced registration is required, call 902-457-6420.

Wisdom Gbeve

Wisdom is a passionate and driven personal trainer. With a background in varsity soccer and a deep dedication to personal fitness, Wisdom understands the diverse needs of clients, whether they’re experienced athletes or new to their fitness journey. Certified through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), he is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their goals, drawing upon tailored programs and individualized attention to instill confidence and motivation.

Outside of the gym, Wisdom finds comfort in nature, often going for walks, runs, and exploring the great outdoors. His love for self-improvement extends beyond fitness, as he enjoys diving into self-help and motivational content in his free time. Through knowledge, steady support, and encouragement, Wisdom will guide you on the path to a happier, healthier lifestyle.


Stephanie Renton

After a lifetime of interest in fitness and wellness, Stephanie’s own struggles with chronic illness solidified her desire to become certified as a Personal Trainer. She is genuinely enthusiastic about the impact that fitness and movement can have on our well-being and is dedicated to motivating you to overcome barriers and surpass your own personal records.  Stephanie has worked one on one, as well as with small groups, and has completed additional training in Adaptive Fitness for Special Populations and Holistic Nutrition and Weight Loss.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with her family which includes two young children. She also finds pleasure in reading, engaging in creative pursuits, and exploring outdoor activities like hiking and beach trips.


Melissa Millar

Melissa is a dynamic fitness professional involved in the industry for over 20 years. Currently she is the Coordinator, Fitness and Wellness here at The Mount. She is a Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA), teaches Group Fitness, presents Fitness Workshops, and has been a YMCA Master Trainer.

Melissa has degrees in Kinesiology and Dance, as well as multiple training through YMCA Canada, Can-Fit-Pro, ZUMBA and YogaFit and has a passion for teaching dance fitness and training clients of all ages and abilities. Her personal regime includes meditation and yoga and she believes in the importance of a whole health approach (body, spirit, mind together). Melissa will work with you on changing lifestyle habits, improving coping skills and making exercise fun!