Summer Session 2020 Registration Information

Students will be able to start registering for summer courses as of 10:00 am on Tuesday, January 28.

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Summer Session Dates & Deadlines

Please note: Some courses start and end at different times from those listed below. Please consult myMount.

Summer Session I Courses

Registration Deadline: Monday, April 27, 2020

Payment Deadline: Monday, May 4, 2020

Co-op Fee Payment Deadline: Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Full Session Course

Start and End Date of Classes: May 4 – June 19, 2020
Payment Deadline: Monday, May 4, 2020
Last day to:

  • register/add a course: Monday, April 27, 2020
  • indicate audit registration: Tuesday, May 19, 2020
  • drop without transcript notation (W): Tuesday, May 19, 2020
  • drop without academic penalty (WF): Wednesday, June 3, 2020

1st Condensed Session Course

Start and End Date of Classes: May 4 – May 27, 2020
Payment Deadline: Monday, May 4, 2020
Last day to:

  • register/add a course: Monday, April 27, 2020
  • indicate audit registration: Friday, May 8, 2020
  • drop without transcript notation (W): Friday, May 8, 2020
  • drop without academic penalty (WF): Friday, May 15, 2020

2nd Condensed Session Course

Start and End Date of Classes: May 28 – June 19, 2020
Payment Deadline: Monday, May 4, 2020
Last day to:

  • register/add a course: Monday, April 27, 2019
  • indicate audit registration: Wednesday, June 3, 2020
  • drop without transcript notation (W): Wednesday, June 3, 2020
  • drop without academic penalty (WF): Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Victoria Day Holiday – Monday, May 18 – No classes held except some distance virtual seminars


Summer Session II Courses

Registration Deadline: Monday, June 29, 2020*
Payment Deadline:
Monday, June 29, 2020
Co-op Fee Payment Deadline: Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Full Session Course

Start and End Date of Classes: July 6 – August 21, 2020
Payment Deadline: Monday, June 29, 2020
Last day to:

  • register/add a course: Monday, June 29, 2020
  • indicate audit registration: Monday, July 20, 2020
  • drop without transcript notation (W): Monday, July 20, 2020
  • drop without academic penalty (WF): Wednesday, August 5, 2020

1st Condensed Session Course

Start and End Date of Classes: July 6 – July 28, 2020
Payment Deadline: Monday, June 29, 2020
Last day to:

  • register/add a course: Monday, June 29, 2020*
  • indicate audit registration: Friday, July 10, 2020
  • drop without transcript notation (W): Friday, July 10, 2020
  • drop without academic penalty (WF): Friday, July 17, 2020

2nd Condensed Session Course

Start and End Date of Classes: July 29 – August 21, 2020
Payment Deadline: Monday, June 29, 2020
Last day to:

  • register/add a course: Monday, June 29, 2020*
  • indicate audit registration: Wednesday, August 5, 2020
  • drop without transcript notation (W): Wednesday, August 5, 2020
  • drop without academic penalty (WF): Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Civic Holiday (Natal Day) – Monday, August 5 – No classes held except some distance virtual seminars

*Deadline to register for graduate education Summer Session II courses is May 8, 2020.

Withdrawal & Refund Information

A student who has completed registration and subsequently wishes to withdraw from a course must notify the Registrar’s Office through myMount or in writing by using a Course Change form (delivered in person to the Service Counter in Evaristus, by email to, by fax to 902-457-6498). You can also consult the Academic Calendars for the policy on withdrawals.

Ceasing to attend classes or advising the course instructor of intended withdrawal is not sufficient to register a formal withdrawal.

Refunds will be calculated based on the date on which the withdrawal is received or processed through myMount.

Refund Schedule

Seven-week or Longer Course

(Refund on 0.5 unit or 1.0 unit)

If withdrawal date falls within registration date from start of term to:

  • 90% refund within the end of the first week of classes
  • 65% refund within the second week of classes
  • 35% refund within the third week of classes
  • No refund after the third week of classes

Three to Six week Course

(Refund on 0.5 unit or 1.0 unit)

If withdrawal date falls within registration date from start of term to:

  • 90% refund within the end of the first week of classes
  • 65% refund within the second week of classes
  • No refund after the second week of classes

Note: No refund will be provided on courses with a duration of less than three weeks.

Course Cancellations

Summer school classes have minimum enrollment requirements and classes will be cancelled if these minimum enrollments are not met. Courses specified for Co-operative Education sequences and Child and Youth Study practica are the only exceptions.

We will attempt to reach you by phone or your Mount e-mail address if a class is cancelled, so please make sure there is a current phone number on record. If you register online (through myMount) please ensure your information is up-to-date with the Registrar’s Office. If you are coming from out of province, it is in your best interest to contact the Deans’ Offices at 902-457-6400 before leaving home to ensure your course is being offered.

Admission & Registration Procedures

Want to be a Mount Student?

If you have not previously taken a course at the Mount, you must complete the application process prior to registration. Applications can be submitted online. Transcripts from all previous post-secondary study are required. If you wish to take courses without being enrolled in a degree program, you are encouraged to apply as a non-degree student. Post-secondary transcripts for non-degree are optional. Consult the Academic Calendars for admission requirements. Contact the Admissions office about summer application deadlines at


What does registration involve?

  • selecting the course(s) in which you intend to enroll
  • obtaining faculty approval signatures if required
  • registering via myMount*
  • arranging for the payment of tuition in full
  • obtaining your student ID card

*The myMount Registration Centre, the University’s online registration system, enables you to register and drop courses, change your address, view your final grades, make payments on your account, and more.

myMount uses the same login information as campus computers, Moodle, and email. The username is lower case and the password is also case-sensitive. If you know your email username and password and you cannot login to myMount using those credentials, please contact the IT&S helpdesk at 902-457-6538 or

Watch the How to Register for Courses Video

Please note: You must not have any outstanding and overdue fees on your account.

Currently registered?

You can use the “Register for sections” option in myMount to find the course(s) you want.

Haven’t been here in a while?

If you haven’t been registered in the previous academic year, complete the Reactivation Form and submit to the Admissions Office to reactivate your file.

Want to be a visiting student at the Mount?

Check out all the details on the visiting student information page. Search our timetable via WebAdvisor’s Search for Courses form to see what the Mount is currently offering.

Summer School Course Load

The Mount normally permits a student to

  • take a maximum of 2.5 units over both summer sessions
  • no more than 1.5 units taken in any one summer session
  • only permitted to take one three week condensed course per three week session

Any exceptions to this policy must be authorized by the Deans’ Office and subject to the overload criteria below.

Deans’ Office Summer Session Overload Criteria

  • student must have achieved a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the previous academic year
  • take a maximum of 3.0 units over both summer sessions
  • no more than 2.0 units may be taken in any one summer session
  • only permitted to take one three week condensed course per three week session
  • obtain written authorization to overload from the Deans’ Office

Student ID Card

If you are a new student you will need a Student ID card. When you have completed your summer school registration, the Library will produce an ID card. If you are a Distance student and cannot come to the campus, please contact the Library at 902-457-6250/6525 to request that a Distant Student ID card be sent to you. You may also request one online by visiting

Academic Advising

Academic Advisors can support you with course selection and scheduling, program planning, tracking your degree requirements, and navigating campus services. Contact the Centre for Academic Advising and Student Success at or (902) 457-6657 to book an academic advising appointment.

If you are enrolled in the Business or Tourism and Hospitality programs, contact for academic advising.

If you are enrolled in the Communications Major or the Public Relations program, contact for academic advising.

Students who are completing graduation requirements should check with an academic advisor to be certain that they meet degree requirements. Application to graduate forms must be submitted by August 31 for fall graduation and January 31 for Spring Graduation.

Examinations & Grades

  • Examinations will be held on the last day of the course or on the last Friday of the session. Note that courses given on Mondays and Wednesdays may have a final examination on the final Friday of the session.
  • Students are cautioned not to make travel arrangements until they are aware of their final examination dates/times.
  • Students who miss final examinations due to illness or who have an exam conflict (i.e. work commitment) are to contact their professor immediately. Out of sequence examination arrangements during Summer Session are made directly with the professor.
  • Please refer to the Examination Policy
  • Distance students who reside within 100 km of the University are required to come to campus for mid-term and final exams. Students beyond this distance will write with a proctor at an approved education site in their community.
  • Students can view their grades online through myMount. Copies of grade reports will be issued by the Registrar’s Office upon request.

Financial Information

Financial Services Hours

Monday – Friday

September 1 to May 31 – 8:30am – 4:30pm

June 1 to August 17 – 8:30am – 4:00pm

Financial Eligibility to Register

To be eligible to register, a student must have no outstanding fees that are due and payable to the University.

Billing Process

Students will be billed for summer session courses as of April 2, 2020. After April 2, 2020, any course changes or registrations will be automatically reflected in the charges on each student’s account and can be viewed under “Student Account Activity/Statement” in myMount. Hard copy billings are no longer mailed but you can print your Account Statement from myMount.

Fee Payment Policy

Students are expected to make their payments by the deadline for each term or lose their course registrations. This ongoing policy will be strictly enforced. If registering after the deadline, students will be expected to make their payment at the time of registration. Students who have applied for a student loan but have not yet received it by the payment deadline, or whose funding is somewhat delayed, will be required to contact Financial Services in order to receive an extension of the payment deadline to allow additional time for the loan to be received. Students are expected to have their financial arrangements in place when they register so extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Students sponsored by government, hospital or other agencies that will be paying the student’s fees directly to the Mount must present a signed statement from the sponsoring agency by the deadline, indicating the nature and extent of the sponsorship.

Late Payment and Registration

Students who do not pay by the fee payment deadline will be immediately assessed a $50 late fee each term. As per the Fee Payment Policy, late payment is not permitted without an approved extension by Financial Services. Where a student has been permitted by Financial Services to make her/his payment beyond the normal payment deadline, interest will be charged on the overdue balance at the rate of 1% per month compounded monthly.

Methods of Payment

Payment may be made at the Financial Services/Registrar’s Service Counter in Evaristus Hall during business hours. Payment may be made by cheque, money order, certified cheque, cash or debit card, but must be received by the specified deadlines. Fees may also be paid through the internet and telephone banking services of most major chartered banks. Credit card payment is not accepted for tuition payment. Financial Services can also be contacted with any questions via e-mail at

Tuition and Other Fees

Undergraduate courses

(excluding BEd at 5000 level, Biology, Chemistry & Physics courses,

and specific courses with a lab component)

$793.18 per 0.5 unit
Specific undergraduate courses (with a lab component)

$824.86 per 0.5 unit
BEd courses at 5000 level, Biology, Chemistry & Physics courses $832.85 per 0.5 unit
Graduate courses (excluding certain School Psychology courses)
School Psychology (GSPY) courses $1045.35 per 0.5 unit
Co-op Fee (excluding Applied Human Nutrition internships) $1540.16 per work term
Other mandatory fees

Technology fee

Athletics Recreation fee

Student Campaign Contribution

Refugee Student Program fee

$25.00 per 0.5 unit

$5.00 per 0.5 unit

$3.00 per 0.5 unit

$3.87 per 0.5 unit
International students (differential fee) $793.18 per 0.5 unit

Fees for auditing students are 50 percent of the usual charge.

Please also note that certain external (off-campus courses) and courses held in international locations as well as the PhD program have specialized fees. Please consult with Financial Services at for any questions regarding these fees.

Nova Scotia University Student Bursary Program

All Nova Scotia students (as determined by a definition established by the Province), will receive a reduction in their tuition of $128.30 per 0.5 unit. This reduction will be applied using the same guidelines as for tuition. The reduction is in the form of a bursary credit. Please check our website for more detailed information on the Nova Scotia University Student Bursary Program.

International Student Health Plan

Any student who enters Canada on a student visa is required to purchase medical insurance coverage through Guard.Me unless she/he can provide satisfactory evidence to Financial Services that she/he is covered by MSI. For international students who are enrolled in summer school and who purchased the full-time international student health plan in the preceding academic year, coverage extends to the end of August 2020 and additional coverage is not required. For all other international students who are enrolled in summer school, health coverage will be assessed at the rate of $1.45 per day (subject to change). The process for obtaining the insurance is currently under review and will be updated shortly.


Many research resources are available online. Please visit the Library for more details.

The Mount Library card (student ID card) is honoured at other academic and public libraries in Nova Scotia.

Click here for Library hours

Regular Hours for Summer Session I & II

Monday through Thursday 8:00am – 9:00pm
Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 6:00pm

Closed on holidays and weekends between sessions.


The Bookstore stocks textbooks, e-books (if available), school supplies, clothing and crested items and is located in Rosaria 304.

Click here for Bookstore hours

Regular Hours for Summer Session I & II

Monday – Friday
September 1 to May 31 9:00am – 5:00pm
June 1 to August 31 9:00am – 4:30 pm

Student Services

We provide a variety of professional services to help you reach your academic and personal goals. They include: Athletics and Recreation, Counselling Services, Career Services, Disability Services, Financial Aid, the Health office, Housing, International Education Centre, Interfaith Peace & Friendship Centre, Registrar and Admissions, the Writing Resource Centre, Academic Support and Study Skills, and an Aboriginal Friendship Center. These services combine to form an important part of the educational process. They take into consideration the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social factors that influence the way you learn and help you foster a full and rewarding lifestyle.

Counselling Services

Students requiring Counselling Services should contact Student Services to set up an appointment.

Phone: 902-457-6567
Location: EMF 127

The primary aims of the Mount Counselling Service are:

  • To provide the highest quality of individual and group counselling services to students who may be experiencing ongoing or situational psychological or behavioural difficulties; and
  • To provide academic support programming focused on the developmental needs of university students.

Individual and group counselling is available in the following areas:

  • personal/social development
  • learning enhancement and academic support

We also provide crisis intervention, consultation, screening and referral services. Our services are confidential and are available to all students without charge.

Career Services

Career Services is committed to the career development of Mount students and recent graduates. The purpose of Career Services is to assist students in obtaining full- or part-time, summer or casual employment; to disseminate information regarding job applications and postings; to provide equal access to and a central location for pertinent employment information; and to assist employers wishing to recruit at the Mount. Visit Career Services to view all of our services, job postings, and upcoming events at

Career counsellors are available to counsel students individually or on a group basis with such career-related concerns as developing career directions, managing career change, decision-making, self-assessment and what to do with a degree in … Interest testing and other standardized career assessments are available to assist with this process. Coaching on interview skills, résume preparation and job search techniques is also offered. Students and alumnae may register for and/or request group workshops in various career development areas.

Career resources to help students focus on their career development and become more knowledgeable about their job search process are available on our website.

Phone for Appointments: 902-457-6139
General Inquiries: 902-457-6272
Location: McCain 306

Employment postings are accessed by visiting Career Services. The recruitment campaigns for permanent full-time positions available after graduation are posted any time after September 1. The Halifax Career Fair (late September), Summer Job Fair (mid-February) and B.Ed. National International Job Search Fair (January) are examples of relevant career events for students to attend.

Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

The CCR provides students an opportunity to document their verified non-academic extra-curricular involvement in volunteer work, professional development activities, receipt of awards, leadership experiences, varsity athletics, global engagement, and student society participation on an official university document, the Co-Curricular Record. Students may submit their activities via Once the activity has been validated by the activity supervisor, it will appear on the student’s Co-Curricular Record along with the competencies the student has identified learning from the activity. The CCR gives students the edge employers and graduate schools are looking for! Students may wish to share their CCR along with their applications and it may be accessed by the student anytime via Full details about the program, including student guidelines and frequently asked questions are available at

Health and Physiotherapy Services

Visit for information on the medical facilities and Lifemark Physiotherapy available on campus. The doctor is available four days per week, May through August for treatment and referrals.

Phone for Medical Appointments: 902-457-6354
Phone for Physiotherapy and Massage: 902-457-6471
Location: Assisi Hall, Room 203

Students with Disabilities

The Mount is committed to enabling students with disabilities to enter and complete university programs. We aspire to create an accessible learning environment for all students. Prospective students with physical or sensory disabilities should consider that our campus does extend up the side of a steep hill, therefore, moving between buildings might require a car or a motorized wheelchair. We support the use of assistive technology and other relevant support services whenever possible.

All students who request academic accommodations must provide supporting documentation from a healthcare professional.

To book an appointment with Accessibility Services, please call 902-457-6567. For more information please visit

Phone: 902-457-6567
Location: EMF 127G

Mount Fitness Centre

The Mount’s gymnasium and weight/conditioning centre is open to students and the community for fitness classes, personal training, and recreational sport and leisure activities.

All Mount students are automatically members of the Mount Fitness Centre and are able to use the facility and take part in the fitness classes free! Mount students are also entitled to half price discounts on all leisure programs such as yoga, pilates, dance and karate.

Visit the Mount Fitness Centre website for daily schedules and more information.

*For those who have children, the Athletics/Recreation Office offers a dynamic children’s camp program. Registration is on a weekly or daily basis.

Phone: 902-457-6420
Location: Rosaria

Aboriginal Student Centre

The Aboriginal Student Centre welcomes all students and is designed to provide space and services aimed at enhancing the student experience at the Mount. The Centre offers study areas, computer workstations, a copier, a lounge with HDMI TV and a kitchenette with full fridge, microwave and FREE coffee. The Aboriginal Student Services Coordinator, Art Stevens, is available for student support and invites any and all students to contact him at the Centre.

Visit the Aboriginal Student Centre website for hours of operation and more information.

Phone: 902-457-6228
Location: 46 Melody Drive

Student Accommodations

On-campus residence for students (a single room with shared kitchen and laundry facilities) is available. Meals can be prepared in the residence kitchen. Students must provide their own bed linens and utensils.

Apply by contacting the Residence Life Office at 902-457-6356 or sending them an email at


A valid parking permit (regular, temporary, or Pay & Display) is required on all vehicles parked on the Campus. This is enforced both day and night. Annual, term, monthly, weekly, and daily permits are available at the Assisi Information Centre. For general questions regarding parking at the Mount, please call Security Information at 902-457-6412.

For more information regarding Parking, please go to

Teaching & Learning Centre and Online Learning

Teaching & Learning and Online Learning (TLCOL) collaborates with academic departments to facilitate the development and delivery of technology-enhanced programs and courses. Online courses are an ideal choice for students seeking to build flexible timetables as they balance study with jobs, family responsibilities, and commitments to athletics, volunteerism, and other community activities. Online learning also makes it possible for students across Canada and around the world to pursue individual courses or complete programs without leaving home.

Programs Offered Entirely or Primarily Online

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts – Child and Youth Study
  • Bachelor of Arts – General Studies
  • Bachelor of Business Administration

Certificate Programs

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing

Diploma Programs

  • Business Administration

Graduate Degrees

  • Master of Education – Educational Psychology (Blind or Visually Impaired; Deaf or Hard of Hearing)
  • Master of Education – Elementary and Middle School Education
  • Master of Public Relations/Master of Arts (Communication)

Arts and Science electives

Please visit Programs and Courses to learn more about the online learning opportunities.

Web access is required and all courses use Moodle, the online course management system. Within Moodle, faculty and students can access and utilize Blackboard Collaborate.  This is an online, synchronous (real time) interactive virtual classroom with voice-over-internet capability that facilitates engaged teaching and learning amongst faculty, students and the course content.  Students should consult the Course Listings page of the TLCOL section of the Mount’s website to see the delivery method for each course.

Courses Using Moodle and Blackboard Collaborate:

Sections 18, 19, 28, 29, 38 in the timetable are delivered online via Moodle and may include short video, audio and other components as well as real-time scheduled classes with the professor via Blackboard Collaborate.

Courses Featuring Recorded Lecture Videos via Moodle:

Sections 20 and 21 have recorded lecture videos and other resources posted in the Moodle site. Some of these courses include the opportunity to “attend” real-time classes via Collaborate in addition to the recordings.

Students in online courses purchase all books and materials from the Mount’s Bookstore at Students who reside 100 km away or more from the Mount may write examinations at an approved proctor site. All other students must write their examinations at Mount Saint Vincent University as scheduled. Please learn more about writing exams for online courses here: Writing Examinations at a Proctor Site.

Security and Safety

Security and Safety

The Security Department emergency number is 902-457-6111.

Emergency security phones are located around campus. Emergency phones connect automatically to Security in the Assisi Information Centre, which is staffed 24 hours/day. Emergency phones are located in:

  • Seton Academic Centre lobby
  • RBC North Link (between Seton and the E. Margaret Fulton Communications Centre)
  • Rosaria Student Centre (main entrance)
  • Various outside locations on campus (refer to the campus map)
  • All building elevators

Other Security and Safety contact numbers:

  • Security Information (non-emergency): 902-457-6412
  • Manager of Security: 902-457-6497
  • Safety Officer and University Fire Marshal: 902-457-6286

The safety of Mount students, faculty and employees is a primary concern. In fulfilling this commitment to Occupational Health & Safety, the Mount will provide a safe environment and training to provide a safe campus. Faculty, staff and students are expected to comply with the laws, regulations, rules and policies while on the Mount campus. The Mount does not accept any acts or threats of violence, works to prevent workplace violence, and works to respond appropriately if any incidents occur.

You should call Security to report any suspicious events or persons on campus.

Mount Security offers a shuttle service for those on campus who require transportation due to a medical condition, alone at night and concerned, or who are carrying parcels.

For more information regarding Security and Safety at the Mount, please go to or

How to Reach Us

Switchboard (connecting all departments)
902-457-MSVU (6788)

Academic Advising

Admissions & Registrar’s Office
Fax: 902-457-6498

Athletics & Recreation


Deans’ Office

Financial Aid

Financial Services(Accounts Receivable)


IT Services Helpdesk


Security (Emergency)

Security (General, including Parking)

Student Services
Fax: 902-445-220

Students’ Union