Watch the video for the most important points to know about the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment, one of the most widely-used career planning tools.

The assessment can help you clarify your thoughts on a career, education options, satisfying work environments, and the ways you like to work, study, and volunteer.

How to order your Strong Interest Inventory

  1. Book an initial career counselling appointment with Career Services
  2. In your career counselling appointment, we’ll go over the consent form you’ll need to sign/e-sign and instructions to pay the $30 fee for the assessment (we can discuss if the fee is a barrier for you)
  3. You’ll receive a link to complete your assessment online. Remember, answers that match how you respond MOST NATURALLY to a given situation will increase the accuracy of your results. The assessment takes about 30 minutes to finish
  4. We’ll interpret the results in a second career counselling appointment
  5. You get to keep the 19-page assessment report!