The Mount Mentors

The Mount Mentors are here to help you. They know what it’s like to be a Mount student because they are Mount students. Think of them like a cross between a personal tour guide and an older sibling (even if they’re younger than you) who can answer your questions and provide you with advice on how to get the most out of the upcoming year. And they really mean it when they say: ask us anything.

The Mount Mentors work on teams to ensure that you have the best experience possible during your first year here. You can contact the Mount Mentors via email or stop by their drop-in hours in the Library throughout the week.

Team One


Laura Name: Laura (she/her)
Program: Public Relations, 4th year
About: Laura must really like heights because her favourite animal is a giraffe and she really wants to go skydiving.
Alana Name: Alana (she/her)
Program: Applied Human Nutrition, 2nd year
Alana is a transfer student who has really neat handwriting and likes sloths.
Grace Name: Grace (she/her)
Program: Applied Human Nutrition, 2nd year
About: Grace earned a BBA from StFX and is currently completing her second degree at MSVU. She likes to keep busy with the MSVU Food and Nutrition Society and the MSVU Cross Country team.
Jenna Name: Jenna (she/her)
Program: History and French, 2nd year
About: You can find Jenna around campus working as a Mount Mentor or in the Language Lab. And chances are if you see her, she’ll be wearing her socks inside out.

Team Two


Alyssa Name: Alyssa (she/her)
Program: Applied Human Nutrition (Dietetics), 4th year
About: Alyssa really likes dogs and is able to count to 10 in four different languages.
Annika Name: Annika (she/her)
Program: Applied Human Nutrition, 4th year
About: Annika has a degree in Health Sciences and likes to get up at 6:00 am every day.
Hannah Name: Hannah (she/her)
Program: Public Relations, 3rd year
About: Hannah’s favourite animal is an elephant, but she can also tell you how to say elephant in German. (Hint: it’s elefant).
Krysta Name: Krysta (she/her)
Program: Tourism and Hospitality Management, 4th year
About: Krysta transferred to MSVU from the University of Bahamas. She loves to sing and dance (although she claims she’s not very good at either).
Sarah Name: Sarah (she/her)
Program: Accounting, 3rd year
About: Sarah is a transfer student who loves counting, which is good because she’s an Accounting major.

Team Three


Image of Christina, a Chinese woman wearing a blue Mount 101 t-shirt and glasses standing in the Centre for Academic Advising and Student Success Name: Christina (Min) (she/her)
Program: Applied Human Nutrition, 4th year
About: Hidden amongst Christina’s many talents is the ability to make delicious homemade Matcha ice cream.
Brandi website Name: Brandi (she/her)
Program: Nonprofit Leadership Certificate
About: Brandi graduated from MSVU with a BSc in Biology in 2019 but has returned to complete her Nonprofit Leadership Certificate. She was also a member of the MSVU Women’s Basketball Team from 2015-2019.
Caylene Name: Caylene (she/her)
Program: Applied Human Nutrition, 4th year
About: Like all good nutrition students, Caylene loves food. And you can see her love of food on her “foodie” Instagram page.
April Name: April
Program: Business Administration (Management, Marketing, and Non-Profit), 4th year
About: April loves adventure and travelling. She’s been to 26 different countries and is also a scuba diving instructor.

Marisha Caswell, Mount 101 Program Coordinator

Marisha Caswell

I’m originally from a small town in Ontario but came to Halifax for university (at one of the other schools in town). Although I returned to Ontario for graduate school, I missed Halifax so much that I decided to come back! Before coming to the Mount I taught at Queen’s University and Algoma University where I saw first-hand the need for a program like Mount 101. I’m excited to be working with the Mount Mentors on this unique first-year experience program. As the Mount 101 Program Coordinator, I’m responsible for overseeing all components of Mount 101 and making sure they run smoothly.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please contact me. When I’m not at work, you can find me spending time outside with my family, reading, or baking.

Fun fact: I am obsessed with the history of crime and have spent far too much time reading old criminal trials.

Contact the Program Coordinator

Phone: 902-457-5511

Office: Seton 304A