Missing your favourite camp games? Here are a few simple games that kids can play with limited space and “equipment”—including single-player games kids can enjoy even when a parent or sibling isn’t able to join them.


These online children’s recreation programming activities are hosted by MSVU Athletics and Recreation Day Camp staff!  The goal is to have some fun, learn something new, and challenge your mind. These activities are “use at your own risk,” so don’t work beyond your capability and seek help if you need it. Remember, safety first! Children should not participate in these activities without the permission of a parent or guardian. We hope you enjoy this free programming!

Man running on grass

Week #8 Games:  Scream Run


Just yourself!

woman blowing bubbles on a plate

Week #7 Games:  Bubbles on a Plate


  • Plate
  • Water
  • Bubbles
  • Straw

Week #6 Games:  Hopscotch


  • Chalk
  • Rock

woman holding paper

Week #5 Games:  Name, Place, Animal, Thing


  • Paper
  • Pen OR Pencil


man holding a water bottle

Week #4 Games:  Indoor Bowling


  • 10 empty bottles
  • Plastic cups
  • Ball
  • Water

woman drawing on paper

Week #3 Games:  Simon Says Draw


  • Paper
  • Pencil, Pen, Marker OR Crayon


Woman playing a game of sock basketball throwing a sock into a bin

Week #2 Games:  Sock Basketball

Link will be available Tuesday, July 21!

A bucket or basket
A pair of socks

man holding a deck of cards

Week #1 Game:  Memory


• A deck of cards