What is the Right Start program?

The Right Start program is an early alert program aimed to support students who are experiencing academic difficulties early on in the semester so they can be connected with appropriate resources and supports on campus to help them get back on track.

Faculty, Staff, and Students: A Team Approach

Faculty or staff may note that a student is struggling in their courses or facing difficulties. After initial intervention by faculty or staff to provide as much immediate support as possible, a Right Start referral may be necessary to ensure the student receives additional support. Referrals are submitted through a secure online form. An academic advisor in the Centre for Academic Advising and Student Success will contact the student to offer assistance.

Some common reasons for submitting a referral to the Right Start program:

  • Significant changes in quality of work
  • Decrease in class attendance and/or class participation
  • Late or missing assignments, low test and assignment results
  • Noticeable change in behavior
  • Lacks essential writing, reading, math and/or study skills

Faculty and Staff: Right Start Program Referral Form

Helping students with grades

The Right Start program is for MSVU students. Faculty and staff at the Mount submit a secure online referral for a student who may be struggling academically or facing life challenges.

If you receive a meeting request, you can respond to the email or you can book an appointment online to talk about the referral.

Our goal is to provide students with support that can help them be successful. Right Start is a voluntary program so a response is not mandatory.

Is Right Start the same as academic probation?

Right Start is not academic probation. It is simply a way for faculty and staff to reach out and offer support to you. Please note that Right Start will not be noted on your transcript.

Can a student refer themselves to the Right Start program?

Students cannot refer themselves to Right Start but proactively reaching out for help is an important step in ensuring student success.

We encourage students to contact an Advisor in the Centre for Academic Advising and Student Success in Seton 303, email advising@msvu.ca, or book an appointment online.

What happens after a referral is submitted?

Once a referral is submitted, an email notification is sent to the Academic Advisors in the Centre for Academic Advising and Student Success. Faculty will receive an email confirmation that their referral was submitted.

The Academic Advisors will then contact the student and request a meeting with them. The meeting will cover supports available on campus, and will try to connect students with the appropriate service for their needs.