Waves of Change Bystander Intervention Program

Waves of Change is an education program designed to address sexual violence on university and college campuses in Nova Scotia. The program was developed by the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and Sexual Assault Services Association in collaboration with Nova Scotia post-secondary institutions. Now, it is offered for free to MSVU students who can learn consent skills, bystander intervention skills, and the value of supporting survivors of sexual violence. This program draws on participants’ existing skills, knowledge, and creativity to facilitate broader strategies for social change.


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Training is peer-facilitated by MSVU’s Student Sexual Health and Safety Educators, Lillian and Cassidy. Content of the program includes:

  • Information on sexual violence on university and college campuses and Nova Scotia laws;
  • In-depth look at consent;
  • Basic bystander intervention and techniques;
  • The ways that power and identity can impact both how we experience sexualized violence and how we intervene as bystanders or community members;
  • Information on the use of alcohol and drugs in perpetrating sexual violence;
  • As well as information relevant to particular groups, such as bar staff or athletes.

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To inquire about upcoming Waves of Change trainings on campus, email svpsa@msvu.ca.