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Equipment Lending

The DMZ has a variety of multi-media technology that can be borrowed by members of the Mount community.


  • Reservations MUST be made in person at the DMZ helpdesk 11:00 – 2:00 Mon – Fri.
  • No voice-mail or email reservations.
  • Students must present valid, current student ID when reserving and picking up equipment.
  • Reservation periods are set at a maximum of 24 hours or over a weekend.
  • Students and departments are financially responsible for equipment while signed out them.
  • The DMZ will block out certain equipment for special periods to ensure its availability for a particular course or project.
  • You are expected to honor return times for equipment. Late fees may apply.

Technology Available for Loan

Canon XA10 Compact HD Video Camera.

The new ultra compact XA10 Professional Camcorder is designed for situations where mobility is critical while shooting. This feature-rich, professional model records Full HD 1080p using an AVCHD codec. The ultimate professional camcorder for run-and-gun shooting, the compact XA10 includes a detachable handle for low-angle shooting and portability. With the handle attached the XA10’s functionality is further enhanced with the addition of XLR inputs and an external microphone holder.

The new XA10 provides the option of recording to a 64GB internal flash drive or two SDXC-compatible card slots and the ability to simultaneously record to two cards at once for instant backup. Portable and packed with professional features, this camcorder is the model of choice for students and faculty alike.


Canon Rebel Digital SLRs (T3 and XS)

Simple to learn, and fun to operate. Perfect for pros and first time SLR photographers, the Rebel cameras deliver beautiful photos.

We lend them out with a 18-55 zoom lens.


EDIROL R-09Portable Audio Recording

The Roland Edirol R-09 is a professional portable Audio recorder. It has two built-in microphones for crystal clear audio recording, It can also accept hardwired line and mic feeds for direct recording for a mixer or audio output signal.

It runs on 2 AA batteries and can record 22 hours of continuous audio onto removable/swapable SD card memory.

It connects to your PC via USB or the removable SD memory card. The file format is standard MP3 or WAV for maximum compatibility.


Zoom Q3Portable Audio and Video Recording

The Zoom Q3 is another variety of professional audio recorder with a twist – It has the option of recording high quality video as well.

While not the same quality as a camcorder, it’s primary focus is blogging, interviews, recording personal video content for the internet (such as YouTube) or capturing strictly audio.

While in audio mode the function is much the same as the Roland R-09. A stereo pair of mics captures clean and clear audio. In video mode, the Q3 delivers both great audio and video and can capture up to 2 hours of footage.

It also runs on 2 AA batteries and can record 22 hours of continuous audio (in audio mode) onto removable/swapable SD card memory.

It connects to your PC via built in USB cable or removable memory card. The file format for audio is standard MP3 or WAV. In video mode the file format is Quicktime MOV. These file formats provide maximum compatibility.

Zoom Q3
Manfrotto 128RCLightweight Professional Tripod

The Manfrotto 128RC is the classic definition of what a tripod should be.

It is lightweight (Less than 6lbs), stylish, and has an easy rotator handle for manual panning.

It’s maximum height extension can reach over 6 feet tall while still remaining steady. While it’s folded and packed up form is all of 2 feet.

The quick release platform screws into the bottom of either the GL1/GL2 or the ZR70 cameras, and detaches with the click of a button to allow you to separate the camera from the base.

It is strongly encouraged to rent a tripod along with video camera rentals for consistent and professional results.


Microphones and Audio-for-Video

The DMZ has a variety of audio options to supplement your video recording needs. From Shotgun boom mics to wired and wireless lapel kits, we can advise on the best mic for your shooting scenario.

  • Azden Shotgun mics
  • Azden Wireless lapels
  • Sony wired lapels