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The summer fitness schedule is available now!

June 28 – September 3, 2021
Fee:  $40.00 + HST
Joining late? We will prorate your fee.

Mount Student Fee: No additional charge.  These classes are included in your All-Access Fitness and Facility pass.

*All classes are virtual. 
Starting July 5, Mount students, faculty and staff will be able to book a space in our fitness studio to participate in the 12:10pm and 5:00pm virtual classes.  Space is limited.  You can book your class spot up to 7 days in advance.

Reserve your spot!  Make your virtual fitness class booking today.

To register: Please email or call 902-457-6420

To Register for our Fitness Program:

Please call 902-457-6420 or email

Are you new to our virtual programs and wondering if this is the right program for you?  Wonder no more!  With your fitness program registration, if you are not satisfied after your first 7 days, we will issue a full refund.

Fitness Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions:

Descriptions for 2021 Spring and Summer programs. Not all classes offered in the summer session.

A unique approach to muscle toning and endurance! Feel the passion and posture that a dancer develops through regular ballet barre training and other disciplines such as jazz & modern dance and Pilates. This class is done barefoot and everyone is welcome – no experience necessary.

HIIT 50/50
If you want a complete workout this class is for you! It’s 50% cardio, 50% weight training, and 100% fun! Exercises include plyometrics, agility, core and strength moves for a non-stop pace that will work every muscle group Come prepared to raise your heart rate, burn fat and torch calories with the afterburn. All fitness levels welcomed!

LOW impact. HIGH intensity! This MOUNT signature workout is the perfect way to build bodies, not
break them. Using items generally found around the house you will do both strength and cardio intervals for a class experience like NO OTHER! Spark your metabolism and burn calories like a pro.

Combining full-body strength training moves with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and enhance your well-being. Get and keep your heart rate up and burn more calories in less time!

Spending more time at a computer these days? Posture suffers as does the muscle balance our body needs! This class will focus on strengthening, stretching, balancing, and realigning your body to help you stand tall! It will help improve your coordination, endurance, bone density and body awareness. Designed for all levels.

Looking for a challenge? Try this total body system workout that incorporates high intensity exercise bouts with short rest intervals. Only 45 minutes makes it easy to fit in to your life.

TOTAL BODY (30 or 45 minutes)
A high intensity interval training (HIIT) class, alternating between short periods of strength and cardio exercises. This class works the whole body and is exciting, fun and quick to do. Increase your fitness level, build lean muscle, burn calories, and increase energy.

This combines different Yoga styles and stretches to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and peace of mind. The perfect break in your day to leave you calm and refreshed.