Dr. Allan Neilsen
Professor Emeritus


Research and Teaching Interests

  • Exploration and representation of teachers’ work and the conditions in which they attempt to do this work.
  • Recent work explores the relationship between teachers’ sense of place and sense of self in place in school settings. This work employs narrative inquiry and arts-informed methodologies


PhD, Elementary Reading Education/Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota
MEd, Reading Education, University of Manitoba

Selected Publications


  • Thomas, S., Knowles, G, and Neilsen, A. (in development). Attending to place: Ecological memory, imagination and education.
  • Neilsen, A. (Ed.) (1999). Daily meaning: Counternarratives of teachers’ work. Bendall Books.


  • Neilsen, A. (1989). Critical thinking and reading: Empowering learners to think and act. Monographs on Teaching Critical Thinking, Vol. 2, Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English.

Book Chapters

  • Neilsen, A. (in press). Getting to being here: Contemplative photography in academic. In G. Kowles et al (Eds.). The art of visual inquiry: Theory, process, and forms/Making the visible strange. Backalong Books.
  • Neilsen, A. (2004). Provoked by astonishment: Seeing and understanding in inquiry. In A. Cole et al (Eds.) Provoked by Art: Theorizing Arts-Informed Inquiry, Backalong Books.
  • Neilsen, A. (2002). Literacy landscapes. In B. Guzzeti (Ed). Literacy in America: An Encyclopedia. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO Publishers.
  • Neilsen, A. (2001). “Are paintings texts?”: Making the strange familiar again. In L. Neilsen et al (Eds.), The Art of Writing Inquiry, Backalong Books.

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