Dr. Marnina Gonick
Professor (Education/Women’s Studies)

Office: CAR102
Phone: (902) 457-5988
Fax: (902) 457-4911
E-mail: Marnina.Gonick@msvu.ca


Research and Teaching Interests

My current research interests are in the areas of girl studies, identity, visual culture, feminist cultural studies, gender and schooling, feminist pedagogies, feminist post-structural theory and feminist qualitative research.


Dr Gonick did her PhD in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

She came to Mount St Vincent as Canada Research Chair in Gender in 2007. She holds a joint appointment in Education and Women’s Studies. Prior to that she was a faculty member at The Pennsylvania State University.

Selected Publications


  • Gonick, Marnina (2003) Between Femininities: Ambivalence, Identity and the Education of Girls, Albany: SUNY Press.
  • Aapoloa, S., Gonick, M., Harris, A. (2005) Young Femininity: Girlhood, Power and Social Change. Houndsmill: Palgrave Press.

Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Gannon, S., Gonick, M., Lampert, J. (2012) Old Fashioned and Forward Looking: Nostalgia and Neo-Liberalism in the Daring Books for Girls. Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures. Vol 4(1), 85-106.
  • Gonick, M., Walsh, S., Brown, M. (2011) Collective Biography and the Question of Difference. Qualitative Inquiry Vol 17 (8).
  • Gonick, M. (2011) Notes on Notes: Literacy in the Margins. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing (JCT). Vol 27 (1), 129-137.
  • Gonick, M. (2010) Indigenizing Girl Power: The Whale Rider, girlhood and the Project of Remembering. Feminist Media Studies, 10(3), 305-320.
  • Gonick, M (forthcoming) “Indigenizing girl power: The Whale Rider, decolonization and the project of remembering” Feminist Media Studies Vol 10 (3).
  • Gonick, M. (2009) The Teaches of Peaches: Performance, Hybridity and Resistance. Girlhood Studies 2(2), 139-142.
  • Gonick, M. E. Renold, J. Ringrose and L. Weems (2009) Rethinking Agency and Resistance: What Comes After Girl Power? Girlhood Studies 2(2).
  • Gonick, M. (2007) Girl number twenty revisited: Feminist literacies for new hard times. Gender and Education, 19 (4), 433-454.
  • Gonick, M. (2006). Between girl power and reviving Ophelia: Constituting the neo-liberal girl subject. National Women’s Studies Association Journal, 18(2), 1-23.
  • Gonick, M., Shannon, L. & Alison, A. (2006). A room of our own: Feminism, girls and schooling. Feminist Teacher, 16 (2), 138-149.
  • Gonick, M. & Hladki, J. (2005). Who are the participants?: Rethinking representational practices and writing with heterotopic possibility in qualitative research. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 8 (3), 285-304.
  • Gonick, M. (2004). The mean girl crisis: Problematizing representations of girls’ friendships. Feminism and Psychology, 14(3), 395-400.
  • Gonick, M. (2004). Old plots and new identities: Ambivalent femininities in late modernity. Discourse: Journal On The Cultural Politics of Education. 25(2), 189-209.

Chapters in Books

  • Gonick, M. (2008)Girl power entry. in C. Mitchell & J. Reid-Walsh (Eds.), Encyclopaedia of Girl Culture. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing.
  • Gonick, M. (2006). Sugar and spice and something more than nice?: Queer girls and transformations of social exclusion. In Y. Jiwani, C. Mitchell, & C. Steenbergen (Eds.), Girlhood: Redefining the limits. Montreal: Black Rose Books.
  • Gonick M. (2005). From nerd to popular: Re-figuring school identities and transformation stories. In C. Mitchell & J. Reid-Walsh (Eds.), Seven going on seventeen: Tween culture in girlhood studies. Westport, CT: Peter Lang Press.
  • Gonick, M. (1998). Teen magazines and feminist pedagogy. In B. Szuchewycz & J. Sloniowski (Eds.), Readings in Canadian culture and communication. Toronto: Prentice Hall Canada Inc.

Editorial Boards/International Consultant

  • Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
  • Gender and Education

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