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Meet our Faculty

Meet full-time Elementary & Middle School Education faculty members and discover their research interests. 


Jane Baskwill, PhD (University of South Australia)

Early Literacy, Support for Struggling Literacy Learners, Activist Methodologies, Action Research, Family Literacy, Arts-Based Research, Children’s Literature


Robert N. Bérard, PhD (McMaster University)

Social studies; educational policy, teachers’ interest groups in education, politics of schooling, history of education


Geneviève Boulet, PhD (Université de Montréal)

Mathematics; Learning and teaching of rational number concepts, use of virtual environments to explore learning of mathematical phenomena


Christine Doe, PhD (Queen’s University)

Teaching English as a Second Language or Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL), use of diagnostic language assessments by multiple stakeholders, impact of large-scale assessments on classroom instruction and student language learning, linguistics.


Carol Hill, EdD (University of Indiana)

Students with exceptionalities; inclusive education; coaching for children and adolescents with ADHD


Sara King, PhD (Dalhousie University), RPsych

Social cognition and peer relationships in children with ADHD and chronic illness, aggressive behaviour in children, psycho-stimulant medication in the treatment of ADHD and aggressive behaviour


Eva Knoll, PhD (University of Exeter (UK))

Mathematics; use of manipulatives and construction kit design in mathematics teaching; 3-dimensional geometry and topology in mathematics education


Mary Jane Harkins, PhD (Dalhousie University)

Educational Administration and Professional Development, Literacy Programming for Struggling Readers and Writers, Inclusive Education, Large-scale Testing for Learners with Exceptionalities, and Teacher Education Preparation

Ashwani Kumar_photo-3

Ashwani Kumar, PhD (University of British Columbia)

Curriculum studies; international curricula; geography, social studies and place-based education; holistic education, and peace education

FlagSmall Melissa McGonnell, PhD (Dalhousie University), Registered Psychologist

Assessment and intervention for complex learning and behavioral disorders, cross-discipline practice, teacher and physician education, transition to post-secondary settings

Jamie Metsala

Jamie Metsala, PhD (University of Toronto)Gail and Stephen Jarislowski Chair in Learning Disabilities

Reading disabilities and reading acquisition, social cognition in children with nonverbal learning disabilities, development of speech perception and phonological awareness; learning disabilities

 CorneliaSchneiderCornelia Schneider, PhD (Université René Descartes – Paris 5)

Inclusive education; disability studies; early childhood education; sociology and anthropology of education; comparative international education


Susan Walsh, PhD (University of Alberta)

Arts-Based Research, Writing as Inquiry, Feminist Poststructuralist Theory, Female Teachers, Gender and Literacy, Contemplative Inquiry

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