Frank Cheng-2Frank (Zhang) Cheng is combining his background in traditional Chinese medicine with nutrition research in the MAHN program. Learn how Frank is working to prevent serious illnesses before they begin »


Brandon Gheller earned his MSc AHN in 2014. His passion for research, along with the support he received from the department and the university, allowed him to travel extensively during his studies, researching and presenting his findings at national and international conferences, following the latest research developments in the field, and networking with researchers at other institutions. Find out more about Brandon’s passion for research »


Lilian Lau

Lillian Lau is a student in the Mount’s Master of Science Applied Human Nutrition program. She’s pursuing this degree because she wants to help children by combatting childhood obesity. Meet Lillian »

danielle root3Danielle Root is a graduate student and a member of the Listiguj First Nation. In 2015, she travelled to New Zealand to present her research at an international conference of First Nations scholars. Read more »
In 2015, Danielle was one of four students to receive the Loretta Saunders scholarship. Read more (external site) »

A Delory

Alison DeLory: This children’s book writer and Public Relations professional completed her Bachelor and Master of Public relations degrees at the Mount. Meet Alison »




Alla and Natalie in Puerto Rico 2015 - website photoNatalie Doyle Oldfield: The research that Natalie performed in her MPR program has led to a successful business. Meet Natalie »



TheresaRathTheresa Rath: Theresa earned her Master’s degree while working full-time as the Public Relations Manager for the Halifax Regional Police. Meet Theresa »

Ayo at the Mount

Graduating from the Mount is a dream that Ayodeji (Ayo) Aladejebi has held on to for over a decade. Discover how Ayo made his dream come true »


Regan Clancey-valedictorianRegan Clancey‘s Master of Education program guided the evolution of her career in education. Find out how »




Melina Kennedy

Melina Kennedy: Melina, a graduate of the MED (Lifelong Learning) program, found her way to education through volunteerism. Meet Melina »


David Fainstein, a graduate of the MA program in School Psychology, is a counselor, educator and behavioural interventionist. Meet David »


Carol Ann Brennan: “I returned to MSVU as an adult learner eighteen years into my career. I had been working with older adults with developmental disabilities and their families, and recognized that this program would offer a meaningful opportunity to focus research on subject matter directly related to my professional career path.” Meet Carol Ann »



Monique Mullins-Roberts: “The course work and content continuously inspired me to do more. During this time, I also felt especially supported in my learning as I was able to have a close working relationship with truly dedicated professors.” Meet Monique »




Sacha Nadeau is making important research easily accessible and understandable to people outside of the academic community. Find out how »

Congratulations to Laura Flight – recipient of the Graduate Women and Gender Studies entrance award!

Laura Flight - recipient of the Graduate Women and Gender Studies entrance awardLaura Flight (she/her) grew up in Newfoundland and Labrador, which is the land in traditional Mi’kmaw territory and includes the diverse and rich histories and cultures of the Beothuk, Mi’kmaq, Innu and Inuit. As a queer, cisgender, white woman, Laura majored in English Language and Literature in her Undergraduate studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Grenfell Campus. In particular, she focused on early feminism and civil rights, intersectionality, and critical theory. For her Master’s of Women and Gender Studies, Laura’s current research focuses on the unique and gendered crafting traditions in Newfoundland and Labrador and how the lived experiences of women and AFAB folks on the island manifest into textile and crafted creations.

Congratulations to Helen Yao, the 2022 recipient of the William Blackburn and Dr. Ramona Lumpkin Scholarship Award.

Helen Yao, the 2022 recipient of the William Blackburn and Dr. Ramona Lumpkin Scholarship AwardHelen (Xinyu) Yao grew up in Chengdu, China and now lives in Stanstead, Quebec with her family. A recent graduate of Mount Allison University, she completed her Honours degree with a major in Sociology and a minor in Political Science. She received the university’s A. Jane Avard Eaton Student Leadership Award and the Outstanding Graduating Student Award from the Canadian Sociological Association. During her years at Mount Allison, Helen was active in the university community and highly involved in climate justice organizing. Her undergraduate thesis combined her passion towards prison abolition and her experiences as a student organizer. Through conversations with university students, she explored transformative justice practices within social movement spaces. She hopes to continue her research on abolition under the supervision of Dr. El Jones at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Nouf Saleh in the 2023/24 recipient of Willam and Ramona Lumpkin Part-Time Student Scholarship.

Nouf SalehMy name is Nouf Saleh. I was born in Kuwait and resided in Ottawa until I moved to Nova Scotia in 2001. I completed an undergraduate degree in Sociology with a minor in religion, women and gender studies. In 2008, I volunteered as a translator for a UN team that visited Kuwait to conduct research and interviews with people who have stateless status. From that experience, it motivated me to join this program and focus my thesis on stateless citizens in Kuwait especially women as the struggles they face when they are married to a man with stateless status is distressing. The opportunity to listen to their experiences as well as having my own experience living as a stateless citizen in Kuwait has inspired me to shed light on this silent issue that occurs all around the world. I am hopeful that completing this thesis will be the first step in accomplishing the goal of making a difference with the immigration process in Canada.

Cynthia Inés Hernández Patrón (she/her)

Cynthia Inés Hernández PatrónI grew up in Lima-Perú, Im a Clinical Psychologist and I have a Master´s degree in Psychoanalysis
I´ve been working in my private practice for 17 years and I´ve been a teacher in the Psychology Faculty at the Peruvian University of Applied Science since 2014, winning the award for best professor two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021, in the Master’s program of Health Psychology and Lifestyles.
I´ve come to Halifax with my family, husband and two boys.
For the Masters of Women and Gender Studies, my research interest is related to the subjective experience of motherhood.

Congratulations to Cynthia for being awarded the William Blackburn and Ramona Lumpkin Full time student scholarship as well as the  Women and  Gender Studies Entrance Scholarship for 2023/2024!