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 Department Chair  Department Administrative Assistant
 Dr. Alex Khasnabish   Marisa Grant
 Associate Professor  Psychology & Sociology.Anthropology
 Full Time Faculty
 Dr. Hazel MacRae   Dr. KelleyAnne Malinen
 Associate Professor (on sabbatical)   Assistant Professor
 Part Time Faculty
Dr. Benjamin Amaya  Dr. Janet Chute
Winter 2020 teaching:  Winter 2020 teaching:
      SOAN 2550 01 : Diversity & Identity       SOAN 2520 02 : Family, Marriage, Kinship
Dr. Gregg French
Dr. Lynn Gunn
Winter 2020 teaching: Winter 2020 teaching:
      SOAN 3561 01 : Schooling      SOAN 2540 01: Power, Inequality, Soc Justice
      SOAN 3582 01 : Law & Society      SOAN 2580 01 : Deviance
El Jones Dr. Robert Lanning
Winter 2020 teaching:  Winter 2020 teaching:
      SOAN 1502 04 : Questioning Society       SOAN 1502 03 : Questioning Society
Janet McClain  
Winter 2020 teaching:  
       SOAN 1503 04 : Social Issues  
 Professors Emeritus
  Dr. Leslie Brown Dr. Anthony Davis
  Dr. Jane Gordon  Dr. Dianne Looker
  Dr. Sheva Medjuck  Dr. Joe Tharamangalam
 Adjunct Professors
 Dr. Benjamin Amaya  Dr. Janet Chute
 Dr. Robert Lanning  Dr. Barnett Richling