Dr. Dianne Looker

Professor Emerita

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Equity & Technology


Office: Evaristus Hall, Room 460

Phone: (902) 457-5526

Email: dianne.looker@msvu.ca

Dr. Looker was a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in equity and technology, examining issues of how gender, ethnicity, rural-urban, and socio-economic status impact the facility with, and access to, technology. Previous to accepting her Chair, Dr. Looker was a full professor at Acadia University in the Department of Sociology, where she also served as Chair of the Department from 1995 to 2002.


Looker has undertaken several longitudinal surveys focusing on youth in a changing society and has provided expert advice to numerous policy groups and government departments. Her recent work looks at the ways in which the shift to a more information society has affected equity for sub-groups of youth in Canada and abroad. In 2010 Dr. Looker released a co-edited book on equity and technology titled “Digital Diversity“, published by Wilfred Laurier Press

Currently Dr. Looker is writing a book on rural youth, examining why some youth do or do not move to urban areas while many others remain in their home communities for a host of reasons not well understood by policy-makers and academics.

For a listing of some of Dr. Looker’s recent work, please click here.


Dr. Looker’s teaching areas include quantitative methods, sociology of education, gender and equity. In the 2011 academic year she taught SOAN 3350/EDUC 5425 – School & Society and SOAN 3314 – Research Methods II: Quantitative Approaches.