Full Time Faculty & Staff

Dr. Columba González-Duarte

Assistant Professor

Office: EVR 441

Phone: (902) 457 6715

Email: columba.gonzalez@msvu.ca


Marisa Grant (Administrative Assistant)

Administrative Assistant, PSYC and SOAN

Office: EVR 446

Phone: (902) 457 6347

Email: marisa.grant@msvu.ca

Dr. Alex Khasnabish (Department Chair)

Professor & Department Chair

Office: EVR 451

Phone: (902) 457 6565

Email: alex.khasnabish@msvu.ca


Dr. KelleyAnne Malinen

Associate Professor

Office: EVR 443

Phone: (902) 457 5979

Email: kelleyanne.malinen@msvu.ca


Dr. Amos Nkrumah

Assistant Professor

Office: EVR 457

Phone: (902) 457 6711

Email: amos.nkrumah@msvu.ca


Part Time Faculty

Dr. Gregg French

Summer 1 teaching: SOAN 2531 16/18 – Making a Living

Email messages for Dr. French can be sent to marisa.grant@msvu.ca.

Dr. Lynn Gunn

Summer 2 teaching: SOAN 2580 01 – Deviance

Email: lynn.gunn@msvu.ca

Janet McClain

Summer 1 teaching: SOAN 1502 18 – Questioning Society

Email: janet.mcclain@msvu.ca

Dr. Scott Stoneman

Summer 2 teaching: SOAN 1502 19 – Questioning Society

Email: scott.stoneman@msvu.ca

Professors Emeritus

Dr. Leslie Brown

Email: leslie.brown@msvu.ca

Dr. Anthony Davis

Email: anthony.davis@msvu.ca

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Dr. Jane Gordon

Email: jane.gordon@msvu.ca

Dr. Dianne Looker

Email: dianne.looker@msvu.ca

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Dr. Hazel MacRae

Email: hazel.macrae@msvu.ca

Dr. Sheva Medjuck

Email: sheva.medjuck@msvu.ca

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Dr. Joseph Tharamangalam

Email: joe.tharamangalam@msvu.ca

Adjunct Professors

Dr. Benjamin Amaya

Dr. Robert Lanning

Dr. Barnett Richling