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Students looking to complete an Honours Thesis are strongly advised to discuss their research ideas with multiple faculty members.

As shown below, our faculty members have research interests that span a wide variety of topics, and therefore each has a unique perspective to help guide you through the research process. 

Dr. Leslie Brown

Co-operatives as alternative forms of organization, organizations and democracy, community development, civil society and the public sphere, social economy, impacts of social accounting and reporting, strategic planning and the co-operative difference, socio-political engagement in impacting social policy

Dr. Alex Khasnabish

culture, power, and resistance; globalization, transnational activism, global justice and social movements; socio-political struggle and transformation; political histories, political ecologies, political imagination, and narratives of socio-political struggle and transformation; anti-capitalism, anarchism, and grassroots alternative-building

Dr. Hazel MacRae

sociology of aging; the social ties of older persons with a special emphasis on the family of later life; issues pertaining to the lives of older women; sociology of health and illness; and the concept of identity, and its maintenance within the context of aging and the context of chronic illness

 Dr. KelleyAnne Malinen

Sex, sexuality and gender; consent; intimate partner violence and sexualized violence; race and racialization; feminist theory; queer theory; public education; free will and determinism; grounded theory methodology

Dr. Norman Okihiro

Japanese diaspora; constitutional rights in the context of war; ethics in research; criminology; education