Are you looking to pursue in-depth study in Sociology & Anthropology? If so, consider applying for entrance into our Honours Programme!

Many students looking towards graduate school will need to complete an honours degree. That said, even if you are not planning to apply to grad school, there are advantages to completing an honours degree:

  • Completing a thesis gives you the chance to research information on a topic that is of particular interest to you. Our students have completed theses in a variety of areas, as shown here.
  • Working closely with your thesis advisor, you will be more fully exposed to current research methods from faculty “in the know”
  • Students who maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better in the 10 required honours units and no grade below B- in all courses counted for the degree beyond the first five units taken will be awarded “First-class honours” at graduation. What a great accomplishment to add to employment and grad school applications!

Applying is easy!

Applying to our honours program consists of just a few steps:

Prior to January 10 of your 3rd year

(usually after completion of 12.5 units of coursework)

q Download an application package

q Make an appointment with the department chair to discuss the
program and your application

q Make an appointment with your proposed thesis advisor to
confirm availability to serve as advisor

Prior to February 1 of your 3rd year

q Submit your completed application package to the departmental
administrative assistant, located in Evaristus 446

q Make another appointment with the department chair to discuss your