Mount Saint Vincent University

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Meet our participating faculty members

Faculty members who participate in our Women & Gender Studies graduate program come from a range of departments and disciplines.


Susan Brigham, Education

Research interests: Lifelong Learning; international/intercultural education; critical feminist pedagogy; teacher education; women migrants: immigrant teachers in Canada, domestic workers, “Mail-Order Brides”; school - work transitions; Africentricity in Education.
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Mary Delaney

Mary Delaney, Women's Studies

Research interests: Body image; coercion in dating and risk-taking; methodological and statistical approaches to studying change over time; identifying qualitative differences in interpersonal relationships.
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Gabrielle Durepos, Management

Research interests: Organizational history, critical historiography, the history of management thought, methodology and, gender and diversity.
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Maya Eichler

Maya Eichler, Political Studies

Research interests: Feminist international relations theory, gender and the armed forces, the privatization of military security, and veterans and military families.
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Dr. Tammy Findlay

Tammy Findlay, Political and Canadian Studies

Research interests: Canadian politics, gender and politics, gender and public policy, social policy, community engagement, multilevel governance, and representation.
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Tamara A. Franz-Odendaal, Biology

Research interests: Gender Stereotypes within Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, history of women in STEM, youth perceptions of stereotypes, women in STEM in the workplace.
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Marnina Gonick, Education, Women's Studies

Research interests: Girl studies, identity, visual culture, feminist cultural studies, gender and schooling, feminist pedagogies, feminist post-structural theory, feminist qualitative research.
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Dr. Reina Green

Reina Green, English

Research interests: Contemporary film adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays; open air productions of Shakespeare, including the work of actor/director Ben Greet; and gendered constructions of space, particularly domestic space or “home,” in contemporary Canadian drama by women.
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Karen MacFarlane, English

Research interests: The Gothic, particularly monsters and the monstrous body in contemporary culture and late nineteenth century fiction; Theory, especially feminist and queer theories; Imperialism in fin-de-siecle popular fiction; postmodernism; Canadian women’s literature.
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Tracy Moniz, Communication Studies

Research interests: Gender and media, media history, writing practice and pedagogy, and narrative medicine.
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Lorri Neilsen Glenn

Lorri Neilsen, Education

Research interests: Writing as inquiry, feminist research methods, gender and literacy, gender and technology, arts-based inquiry.
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Deborah Norris

Deborah Norris, Family Studies and Gerontology

Research interests: Military families, critical theories, family relations and social support, qualitative research, health and social service needs of persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities, family violence.
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Meredith Ralston

Meredith Ralston, Political & Canadian Studies, Women’s Studies

Research interests: Prostitution and sex tourism in the Philippines and Canada, feminist epistemology, women in politics, women's rights as human rights.
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DeNel Rehberg Sedo, Communication Studies

Research interests: The production, distribution and reception of cultural media artifacts or products—online and in print, including: books, television, newspapers and film.
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Anna Smol

Anna Smol, English

Research interests: Tolkien, Medievalism, Old English Literature, and Pedagogy.
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Donna Varga photo

Donna Varga, Child & Youth Study

Research interests: Child development, early education, media, play, social issues of childhood, and women's studies.
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Susan Walsh, Education

Research interests: Female teachers—their subjectivities and experiences (women and difficult experiences in teaching; internationally educated female teachers), feminist poststructuralist theory; Innovative forms of research (arts-based research, writing as a process of inquiry, poetic inquiry, memory work/collective biography); Contemplative inquiry, contemplative pedagogy, mindfulness, embodied and relational ways of being and knowing.
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Randi Warne

Randi Warne, Cultural Studies

Research interests: Religion and culture, gender theory, and the politics of knowledge.
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Martha Walls, History

Research interests: Atlantic Canadian First Nations history, with a specialization in the historical experiences of 20th century First Nations women.
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Rhoda Zuk, English

Research interests: Feminist theory, cultural studies, women's literary tradition, children's literature, popular culture, contemporary feminist literature.
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Women & Gender Studies Faculty at Saint Mary's University

Meet Women & Gender Studies faculty members at SMU »

Sandra Alfoldy (NSCAD; Adjunct, Saint Mary's University/NSCAD)

Craft; Craft History; Art History; Popular Culture; Architecture; Design; Design History

Azza Anis (Adjunct, Women and Gender Studies - Part Time)

Rohini Bannerjee (Modern Languages and Classics)

Francophone Literatures and Cultures of the Indian Ocean

Michele Byers (Sociology & Criminology)

Gender, sexuality, critical theory and cultural studies, feminist theory, girl studies, media and communication studies, television studies, YA fiction, Canadian studies, celebrity, collective biography, identity and representation, intersectionality, ethnicity and Jewish studies

Joelle Cauville (Modern Languages & Classics)

Women's Francophone Literature; Mytho-criticism; Rewriting of Myth in Francophone contemporary literature; Representation of the Immigrant in Contemporary Francophone Literature; World Literature in French; French culture (the Suburbs' issues("Le problème des banlieues");  immigration issues: Roms, Muslim community (Veil issues), feminist social representation of women (ex: "Ni pute, ni soumise"), through the media, through songs and through literature.

Diane Crocker (Sociology & Criminology)

Violence against women, restorative justice, research methods, prisons

Shelagh Crooks (Philosophy)

Anne Marie Dalton (Religious Studies)

Alexandra Dobrowolsky (Political Science)

Citizenship; representation; social movements; identity politics; constitutional politics and constitutional mobilization; states, and parties and policy (e.g., social policy, immigration policy); Canada and the United Kingdom.

Maryanne Fisher (Psychology)

Feminism and evolutionary psychology; interpersonal relationships; women's intrasexual competition

Patricia Fitzgerald (Management)

Kirrily Freeman (History)

Twentieth Century Europe; Vichy France; Nazi Germany; The Holocaust; The First World War; The Second World War; War and Memory

Stella Gaon (Political Science)
Tel: 902-420-5843
Fax: 902-491-8694

Continental philosophy; Deconstruction; Feminist theory; Frankfurt School; French feminism; Jacques Derrida; Marxism; Political theory; Poststructuralism; Psychoanalytic theory

Judy Haiven (Management)

Teresa Heffernan (English)

Feminist literary theory, women writers, Lady Mary Montagu, cyborgs, robots, posthumanism and

Renee Hulan (English)

Val Marie Johnson (Sociology & Criminology)

Theories and histories of gender and sexuality, intersection with race & colonialism, class & economic resources, citizenship, urban social relations & space, criminalization and law, social & institutional harm (by states, corporations, and institutions), formal politics, liberalism & neoliberalism, youth

Edna Keeble (Political Science)

Security: national security, feminist definitions of security, and human security

Seán Kennedy (English)

Martha MacDonald (Economics)
Tel: 902-420-5678
Fax: 902-420-5129

Feminist economics, household livelihood strategies, gendered labour markets, long term care, rural restructuring, income security policies

Audrey MacNevin (Sociology & Criminology)

Nicole Neatby (History)

Canadian Women's History, women's higher education, student protest movements, and public history (commemoration, memory, invention of tradition)

John Plews (Modern Languages & Classics)

Najma Sharif (Economics)

Goran Stanivukovic (English)

Queer early modern studies, queer temporalities, queer theory, literary and cultural constructions of masculinity, history

Xiaoping Sun (History)
Tel: 902-420-5764
Fax: 902-420-5141

Chinese women's history, the power dynamics between the state and society, migration and identity in Communist Northeast China, food and environmental changes in Northeast China

Tatjana Takseva (English)

Motherhood Studies; Feminism and Motherhood;  Motherhood–History; Renaissance Women/Mothers;  Motherhood/Feminism/The Balkans; Women/Mothers and consumerism; Women/Mothers and globalization;  Women/Mothers and teaching/pedagogy; Women and Wartime/Rape

Evangelia (Evie) Tastsoglou (Sociology & Criminology)

International migration and immigration;  immigrant integration and citizenship, globalization and development; diasporas and identities; crisis and migration in European societies; transnational care; immigration, settlement and diversity policies; second generation Canadian youth.

Jennifer VanderBurgh (English)

Madine VanderPlaat (Sociology & Criminology)
Tel: 902-496-8289
Fax: 902-420-5121

Women, children and families; marginalized populations; immigration; health equity; feminist research practices

Russell Westhaver (Sociology & Criminology)

Gay men's health, drug use, the body and embodiment, research methodology