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When is the next SE4D?

March 5 and 6 2020.

What is SE4D?

What is a Social Enterprise?

According to the Social Enterprise Network of Nova Scotia (SENNS), “a social enterprise is a business operated to address social, cultural, environmental or economic challenges. Most profits are reinvested to support that purpose.”

The Event

The Mounts Social Enterprise for a Day is a collaborative event focused on providing knowledge to our students about the concept of social enterprise and then tasking them with creating a product or service that they can “take to the streets” to inform the public about social enterprise.

What it’s all about:

Day 1 – In the afternoon, students will gather to learn about social enterprise from industry experts by listening to, and asking questions of, a panel of social entrepreneurs and other guest speakers. In the evening, students will break into teams and engage in the activity of developing ideas for a social enterprise and then they work to develop their product or service so they can be ready to “hit the streets” on Day 2 and sell it to the public.


Day 2 – In the morning students will add the finishing touches to their newly created social enterprise idea. They will then “hit the streets” of HRM between 12:00 – 2:30pm to educate the public about their social enterprise product or service. In a very short time frame, students are able to produce a product or service and are able to earn revenue that is donated to the annual charity of choice. Students will debrief at MSVU at 3:00pm to share their ideas with the other teams and to discuss their experiences.

How can you support SE4D?

Look for our students in HRM on March 15 and purchase their product or service. 

Interested in becoming a SE4D Sponsor? Contact Business. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

SStudents2019ocial Enterprise for  a Day

March 14 and 15

Dr. Peter Mombourquette began another successful SE4D with encouraging opening remarks followed by a stimulating presentation from the Executive Director of Prescott Louis Brill.

The students helped brainstorm a wealth of creative ideas to help Prescott navigate its growth path challenges and strategic plan objectives.

The evening proceeded with 100 students forming 9 teams to create their Social Enterprise Ideas with the help of mentors and coaches from CEED and the Sparkzone.

They hit the streets Friday to execute their activities and pulled in $1174.25 to give to Prescott, as our selected charity.

 See our photos on Flickr     Watch the video highlights on YouTube

 We would like to thank our sponsors
Labour and Advanced Education and CEED

How can you support SE4D?

Look for our students in HRM on March 15 and purchase their product or service. 

Interested in becoming a SE4D Sponsor? Contact Business. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Enterprise for a Day - 2018

Thursday, February 1

Opening Remarks, Dr. Peter Mombourquette, Chair, Department of Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management

Social Enterprise Panel Watch the discussion
Cathy Deagle Gammon, Executive Director, Dartmouth Adult Services Centre; President, Social Enterprise Network of Nova Scotia
Dave Rideout
- President and CEO, Stone Hearth Bakery
Jayme Melrose - Project Coordinator, Common Roots Urban Farm
Jessie Jollymore - Executive Director, Hope Blooms

Cystic Fibrosis Canada Atlantic Region: Issues and Concerns Watch the presentation

Friday, February 2

  • Students Finished Social Enterprise ideas
  • Students “Hit the Streets” of HRM
  • Student Debriefing; Sharing of Ideas and Experiences
Watch the video highlights on YouTube    See our photos on Flickr

We would like to thank our sponsors:
CWB, CEED, and the Spark Zone

SE4D Love 2017

Social Enterprise for a Day (SE4D) was held on January 26 and 27, 2017 at Mount Saint Vincent University. Social enterprises are created to solve or influence social objectives or issues at many levels – local, national and international. Social enterprises do not force a choice between economic and social benefits. Rather, they can focus on both. Individuals who create and operate social enterprises are called social entrepreneurs. They dream big and aspire to create a better world for tomorrow. A social enterprise has a “socially purposed” mandate and that is what differentiates it from a regular enterprise. More than 80 Mount students attended this two day event and participated in a simulated short-term activity that required them to develop, plan, and implement a social activity within HRM for day two of the event.

The event was headlined by a panel of social entrepreneurs who spoke passionately to the students about their own enterprises and how they were making a difference in our communities.

Panel members included:

Jessie Doyle from Fruition
Jenny Kierstead from Breathing Space Yoga
Sarah Wilson from Homeward Bound City Pound

Lindsay Cross from CUA also spoke to the students about the importance of social entrepreneurship.

Watch the expert panel on YouTube

The pictures tell the story! SE4D Balloons for Change 2017We had 8 groups of students actively engaged in the planning and execution of their ideas and students came from many different cultures and countries which only enhanced the learning experience. Ideas ranged from a group of 5 students who just happened to all be from a different country providing language lessons in their native language, a balloon pop with inspirational messages, cards to Syrian refugees with hand written messages, to student musicians in the street spreading the message of inclusion. Over $1300 was raised in the selling of these ideas with all monies going to the Syrian Refugees. Students gave a debrief at the end of the 2 day event and the enthusiasm for the friendships that developed and the knowledge about social entrepreneurship was astounding.

Watch the video highlights on YouTube  Watch our day in photos on Flickr

We would like to thank our sponsors
, KPMG, McInnes Cooper, CEED and Grant Thornton.

Thank you!

Over 120 students participated in this years CUA SE4D

Participants had the opportunity to learn from 24 social enterprise industry experts, develop their entrepreneurial skill set and put their own social enterprise to the test.

Read our success story published in The Metro News featuring the efforts of one team of students participating in the SE4D event and read the highlights from the Mount Media Centre.

The two day event:

DAY 1: Students learned about social enterprise from an industry expert panel
Marie-France LeBlanc - CEO of Habitat for Humanity, Halifax Nova Scotia
Sean Coutinho - Owner ‘Such a Teas’, Halifax Nova Scotia
Sarah Andrews - Owner, SattVa Boutique, Halifax Nova Scotia
and special guest from CUA, VP of Member Services, Scott Durling.

Keynote speaker, Chris Webb, wrapped up the evening with an enthusiastic speech to motivate students as they endeavored to create a social enterprise of their own. Students were provided support from Gold Sponsor and partner, The Centre for Women in Business (CWB) and Community Partner, Centre for Community Entrepreneurship Education (CEED). Dinner was provided by the generous support of CUA.

DAY 2: Morning: Students added the finishing touches to their newly created social enterprise and enjoyed a lunch provided by The Centre for Women in Business. Afternoon: Students, facilitators and coaches “hit the streets” of Halifax to sell their business idea. Students regrouped at The Mount to share the success of their day and enjoyed a coffee break sponsored by KPMG

The fourth annual Social Enterprise for a Day 2015 conference was held on January 29 - 30, 2015. SE4D is a collaborative initiative between the Mount's Business department and the Centre for Women in Business. Students gather for this event to create and implement a social enterprise.

The two-day event is fast, fun and focused. Volunteers from local agencies, social enterprises and educational institutions team up with participating students to help create each social enterprise.

SE4D 2015 Highlights

Hear from Wendy Keats keynote speaker as she shares her perspective on Social Enterprise (People, Planet, Profit)


2nd Annual Social Enterprise for a Day.

The Social Enterprise for a Day video is an inspiring video that highlights examples of how businesses can be used to contribute to social change. Guest speakers include:

Elizabeth Church, Vice President Academic, MSVU
Simon d'Entremont, Economic and Rural Development and Tourism
Ben Barry, Ben Barry Agency Inc.
Tim Bissell, SEED
Morgan Whitman, Morgan Marketing

Interested in becoming a SE4D Sponsor?

Contact Business. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.