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The Bachelor of Public Relations is a four-year degree that is respected nationally and attracts students from across Canada and beyond. In 1977, the Mount became the first Canadian university to establish a professional degree in public relations, and remains the only institution to grant the Bachelor of Public Relations (Co-operative Education).

Core Public Relations Skills:
Design | Writing | Critical Thinking | Ethics & Professionalism
Engagement | Relationships | Communication | Co-operative Education  

Advocacy Stream
Minors that complement this area of focus: Cultural Studies, Sociology, Women's Studies, Political Studies
Career Paths: Communications officer for NGOs, environmental organizations, community groups, etc. 

Health Communication Stream
Minors that complement this area of focus: Science, Gerontology, Applied Human Nutrition, Communication, Nonprofit Leadership, Science Communication 
Career Paths: Health Communicator, Health Promotion Specialist, Communications Officer for hospital, health care, Internal Communications Officer for a health organization. 

Management Stream
Minors that complement this area of focus: Marketing | Political Studies | Writing | Nonprofit Leadership Career Paths: Account Coordinator at a PR Agency, Corporate Communications Spokesperson, Media Relations Practitioner, Crisis Communicator. 

Technology Stream
Minors that complement this area of focus: Communication Technology | Communication | Information
Career Paths: Social Media Manager, Digital Content Advisor, Blogger.