Below you will find a list of videos and infographics that focus on cooking skills. Whether you are new to cooking or have been cooking for awhile, these resources can help you learn skills that will make you feel more comfortable and confident in the kitchen.

Please note that the videos are hosted on the Breakfast and Beyond Program YouTube channel. When you click on a video link, you will be taken to the YouTube channel.


Cross contamination

Learn what cross contamination is and how to prevent it when making food.

Hot plate, stove, and oven safety

Learn how to use a hot plate, stove, and oven safely.

Safe cooking temperatures

Learn why safe cooking temperatures are important, which foods have a safe cooking temperature, and how to check the temperature of a food.

Knife safety and skills

Learn how to use a knife safely and how to use a knife to slice, chop, dice, and mince foods.


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